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  20. today Laconia Citizen headline....
  21. Split from Water Sport Christmas Gift
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  23. ........noise! - Split from The Island Influence
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  25. US Coast Guard on Speed and Accidents
  26. Is tourism being impacted by not having a speed limit?
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  30. Lake George Speed Limit working?
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  32. "Speed Limits are there to protect you" - USCGA
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  34. 45/25 Speed Limit already working!
  35. Coast Guard: Boating Deaths Drop in Northeast
  36. The vote is Wednesday
  37. Vote may be delayed
  38. New use for a gf-bl!
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  40. It Passed!!!
  41. Gender bias in the vote
  42. Lets bring in the Coast Guard!!!!!
  43. Where is the money for HB-162 going to come from?
  44. Noise Level Testing Procedure
  45. Senate scuttlebutt?
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  47. Speed doesn't matter if alcohol involved
  48. Speed limit? There already is one!
  49. Will NH lakes be safer?
  50. Speed limit? There already is one!
  51. New poll shows that HB162 support is growing
  52. Got this email last week
  53. Speed limit makes it safe for small human powered craft?
  54. Bandwidth hogs pony up!
  55. "Unintended Consequences"—A Good Thing?
  56. The Senate is scheduled to meet tomorrow
  57. So what did the Senate do?
  58. Let's try this compromise thing again.
  59. Collisions and Speed
  60. Good Article on Boater Education...
  61. New Hampshire to outlaw swimming
  62. Online boater certification questioned
  63. So what's the timetable for the bill now?
  64. Transportation votes to scuttle HB 162
  65. HB 162 - any updates out there?
  66. Crowd Control?
  67. to get along better...
  68. HB162 scuttled by full Senate....
  69. Final Statements on HB-162
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  71. new speed limit public hearing Sept 25
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  74. State still mulling hearing data...
  75. 2005 USCG Boating Safety Report!!
  76. ...eeek.....it's back.....eek....oh-no!
  77. Where's WINNFABS when you need them?
  78. Boating Accident Statistics NH - 2006
  79. Focus on the bigger problem - wakes
  80. Safety suggests speed limit test...
  81. State to Test Boat Speed Limits
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  83. Civility rears its ugly head!
  84. Coming This Summer: Speed Limit
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  86. Are the Test Zones Marked ?
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  88. Speed Limit test zones dead in the water!
  89. Boat Speed Survey Results....
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  91. Proposed Law
  92. HB-847 - The Fiscal Issue - Where do We get the $$?
  93. A Challenge for a Solution to Lake Speeds
  94. Speed Limit Passes House
  95. Lt. Dunleavy, NHMP, responds....
  96. How would you measure success or failure?
  97. The Meredith News Editorial AGAINST speed limit
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  100. consequences of BI on Survivor
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  104. More financial pressure on the NH Marine Patrol
  105. You are a senator how do you vote on HB-847
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  107. I wanted my vote against HB847 counted twice!
  108. Write your senator TODAY! Goes to floor on May 15.
  109. Is it too good to be true?
  110. HB847 Passed the Senate
  111. WinnFabs/Laconia Citizen Letter to the Editor
  112. "N.H. among worst for boating accidents"
  113. Drunk (speeding) boater crahes, Lake George
  114. Payback Time
  115. How might the Marine Patrol enforce Speed Limits?
  116. 06/15/08 Diamond Island Fatality
  117. It's official...
  118. Governor will sign Speed Limit legislation
  119. The New Law
  120. cool, now your driving record is affected
  121. Let's compare; Current NH law, the "New" law and the Law pretty much everywhere else!
  122. Will the General Court "fix" the law now?
  123. Summer Camps and Speed Limits
  124. Sound travels at night
  125. Split From Another Hijacked Thread
  126. Illegal kayaking...say it ain't so!
  127. Closing the Speed Limit Forum
  128. Final Statements on HB-847
  129. This Forum and Topic are Closed Until Further Notice
  130. new boat.. see you out there!
  131. Bad economy/speed limit=bad news for lake businesses
  132. Performance Boats- Alive and Well!!!
  133. Speed limit permanent to be filed!
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  135. In the Spirit of Compromise....
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  138. Are there empty marine patrol boats at significant places?
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  140. A thought I had last night, Kinda harsh...
  141. Who has the lowest boating fatality rate in the region?
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  148. Admission of illegal fishing!
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  151. Debating the Speed Limit – Helpful or Not?
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  153. From the Concord Monitor, 9/8/2009
  154. Help the MP's
  155. Was The Lake Cleaner This Year?
  156. 2008 Coast Guard Statistics
  157. Economic dangers of an unnecessary boating law!
  158. Atlantic
  159. Closing the Speed Limit Forum
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  161. Marine Patrol Releases Stats
  162. New Safe Boating Organization
  163. Our lake was the First Speed Boat racing event that took place in the United States
  164. Important public hearing in Concord March 11th 10:30 am
  165. Petition Outside Market Basket in Concord
  166. SB464 Hearing Yesterday
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  168. New speed limit
  169. SB 464 Amended
  170. What everyone's been waiting for...or not at all
  171. SL Bill going to governor
  172. Speed Limit Now Law
  173. How has the lake changed????
  174. Remember to vote November 2
  175. Bill Filed to Modify and Enhance Speed Limits in NH
  176. It Figures....
  177. Be Informed
  178. Conversation at the Meredith Town Docks
  179. One Day in Concord
  180. New Year's Resolutions?
  181. Now you see them...Now you don't...
  182. something to read on a snowy day
  183. more expert testimony on SB-27
  184. WinnFabs lobbyists
  185. Did anyone consider radar/lasar detectors for the lake?
  186. Todays article on SB-27....2/23/11
  187. Kudos to Gilford selectmen
  188. looks like common sense might prevail
  189. SB27 Coming to Vote Expected to Pass
  190. Phone survey?
  191. What next?
  192. Forum pictures prove point of safety!
  193. Question for speed limit supporters
  194. I Remember When 50 Was "Special"...
  195. SB-27 and anticipation
  196. SB27 defeated 276 to 75....
  197. Why COWBOYS are on Lake Winnipesaukee
  198. Sunday UL article on Winni speed limits
  199. Speed limit turned down
  200. Speed Limit Law Amended?
  201. Saw a possible speed trap Saturday evening
  202. Bike Week and Speed Limits
  203. Dear Don
  204. MP claim high level of voluntary compliance with speed limit
  205. Good job Mr. Nix
  206. Believe It or Not! - More Anti-SL Legislation
  207. Speeder convicted.....$93.00 fine
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  210. Is this hypocritical?
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  213. So are Baja's and Fountains dead on Lake Winni
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