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Default Alton Bay Bandstand

Here's a picture of the plaque on the Alton Bay floating bandstand. In all the times I have been around the bandstand in the winter, I never noticed it:

this is what the plaque states:

This Aquatic bandstand occupies the site of the original bandstand erected in 1920. It is believed to be unique. Restoration was completed in 1990 . Project was made by the citizens of Alton for all to enjoy.

I Live Here... I am always UPTHESAUKEE !!!!
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Thanks for posting that upthesaukee. I never even knew the plaque was there. Here's a little bit more information on the bandstand.....


"In the mid 1920s, a group of men from Alton Bay formed a racing association with the idea of racing speedboats and other boats on Lake Winnipesaukee on Alton Bay. Members of the Association were; Lester Downing, Edward Downing, Harry Jones, Martin Lynch, Ralph Stevens and Stephen Lynch. In 1928, the association decided that a bandstand should be built in the bay. The bandstand would be used for two purposes; band concerts and a judging stand for races. The bandstand was built over a large ledge about halfway between the old railway station and Victoria Pier. during the Winter months when the ice was frozen, a crib was built, filled with rocks and a foundation built over this. The bandstand was completed later. Mr. Olie Barnes of Alton was asked to construct the bandstand with the help of the racing committee and a crew of volunteers. The stand was completed and used in 1928 for band concerts and boat races.

The following is from the 1928 Alton Town Report:
Report of the Alton Bay Racing Association
Cash Received:
Donations by subscriptions....................$915.75
Amount received from Whist parties........$134.51
Received from Town of Alton.................$500.00
Deficit........................................... .... $78.54
TOTAL............................................. .$1628.80

Cash paid out:
Frank I. Hayes, 8 Band Concerts...............$660.00
Advertising Mass. Gold Cup Regatta............$30.00
Prizes for Speedboat Races.......................$45.50
Bandstand Construction............................$893.30
TOTAL............................................. ......$1628.80

Labor and materials and the use of teams and trucks were donated by the citizens to the extent of $679.80 making the total cost of the bandstand $1,573.10, which is the property of the Town of Alton.
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As many times as I have been out and about that bandstand in the last 4 or 5 years especially, I never noticed the plaque. For those who want to see it in person, it is on the middle upright on the side of the bandstand that faces Downing's and Gillan's.

McD, thanks for the refresher course from a great post from almost a year ago.
I Live Here... I am always UPTHESAUKEE !!!!
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Default 1990 Restoration

I remember when they were trying to raise funds for the restoration. Most of the merchants in town were selling decals to raise money and there was also a pewter ornament offered by Hampshire Pewter. We bought several of the decals and I've had one on my car starting with my 1986 Chevy Celebrity. I carefully removed it with a hair dryer each time I got a different car, and finally laminated it and just transfer it now when I get a new vehicle. Wish I had a new one that said Alton Bay on it. Maybe if the Parks & Recreation dept. wants to raise funds for another project a decal sale could be done again. The pewter ornament hangs in my kitchen all year and is on the Christmas tree right now.
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Things are currently in the works to have a plaque made that will be hung on the land bandstand so folks who may not know the age and history behind the construction can read something similar that is posted above, as I'm sure many don't know this is a historic landmark. Not many people would know that is out there due to all the "no trespassing " signs. My grandfather is one of the original people who built the lake bandstand. I will update when this may happen.
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