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Default Statement from the ACLU on vaccine mandates

Published this morning in the New York Times.

Thank you, ACLU, for stating the obvious. Excerpts from their statement, with my bold added:

Do vaccine mandates violate civil liberties? Some who have refused vaccination claim as much.

We disagree.

At the A.C.L.U., we are not shy about defending civil liberties, even when they are very unpopular. But we see no civil liberties problem with requiring Covid-19 vaccines in most circumstances. . . .

In fact, far from compromising civil liberties, vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties. They protect the most vulnerable among us, including people with disabilities and fragile immune systems, children too young to be vaccinated and communities of color hit hard by the disease.

Vaccine requirements also safeguard those whose work involves regular exposure to the public, like teachers, doctors and nurses, bus drivers and grocery store employees. And by inoculating people from the disease’s worst effects, the vaccines offer the promise of restoring to all of us our most basic liberties . . .

Here’s why civil liberties objections to Covid vaccine mandates are generally unfounded.

Vaccines are a justifiable intrusion on autonomy and bodily integrity. That may sound ominous, because we all have the fundamental right to bodily integrity and to make our own health care decisions. But these rights are not absolute. They do not include the right to inflict harm on others.

While vaccine mandates are not always permissible, they rarely run afoul of civil liberties when they involve highly infectious and devastating diseases like Covid-19. Although this disease is novel, vaccine mandates are not. Schools, health care facilities, the U.S. military and many other institutions have long required vaccination for contagious diseases like mumps and measles that pose far less risk than the coronavirus does today.

. . . A sizable portion of the eligible population has chosen not to be vaccinated. In this context, Covid-19 vaccine mandates — much like mask mandates — are public health measures necessary to protect people from severe illness and death. They are therefore permissible in many settings where the unvaccinated pose a risk to others, including schools and universities, hospitals, restaurants and bars, workplaces and businesses open to the public.

. . . Where a vaccine is not medically contraindicated, however, avoiding a deadly threat to the public health typically outweighs personal autonomy and individual freedom.

. . . The real threat to civil liberties comes from states banning vaccine and mask mandates. Even though most Covid-19 vaccine mandates do not infringe civil liberties, several states, including Florida, Iowa, South Carolina and Texas, have banned vaccine mandates or mask mandates — and sometimes both — in the name of freedom. But these bans directly endanger the public health and make more deaths from the disease inevitable. They trample the rights of the most vulnerable, who want to participate in society without putting their health at grave risk.

We care deeply about civil liberties and civil rights for all — which is precisely why we support vaccine mandates.
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trfour (09-02-2021)
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Now that these clowns at ACLU have weighed in, I'm sure the anti-vaccination population will be beating down the doors at CVS to get the needle.

They can go back under the rock from which they crawled, as far as I'm concerned.
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Originally Posted by Seaplane Pilot View Post
Now that these clowns at ACLU have weighed in, I'm sure the anti-vaccination population will be beating down the doors at CVS to get the needle.

They can go back under the rock from which they crawled, as far as I'm concerned.
HOW DARE THEY defend Americans' civil liberties.

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trfour (09-03-2021)
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Default Amazing, yet a mess

Anywhere there are so many, so called "Grown Ups", that think that they know how to "THINK", but just keep putting others very lives in danger, no wonder the mess!!
651,194Deaths in U.S. , and counting.

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You got to love the sales pitch.

As a vaccinated person who was horribly sick from his vaccine… I wouldn’t do it again. But, I’m a firm believer of do whatever you want. Get it, don’t get it. It’s up to you and only you.

Oh but don’t forget if you don’t get vaccinated and wear 2 masks your a racist trump loving Masshole who doesn’t care about the elderly or children!
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