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Rattlesnake Guy
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Default Mary on The Mount Washington

Today we took RG's mother, aunt and uncle for a fantastic cruise on the Mount Washington. It was a first time for the three of them and the weather was spectacular.

Celia found a new coat in the on board gift shop and we met a fantastic lady who has worked there for 25 years. Mary was extremely helpful and a great ambassador for the Mount and area.

We took Mary's picture with Celia modeling her new coat and explained how she can find this post on the internet.

Mary, I hope you found your post here and thanks for making the day a bit more special on the Mount.

Also a special shout out to Carol in the snack bar, she was super helpful as well!

Rattlesnake Guy (Rattlesnake Gal's Husband)
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Dave R
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This needs a like button.
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Hermit Cover
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Default Mt. Washington crew...

Celia...Thanks for highlighting these great people that are the Mt. Washington crew....they are always polite and helpful and they deserve a shout out.
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Rattlesnake Gal (08-20-2012)
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Very nice! Always a great time to be had on the Mount... And a great crew, thanks for sharing....
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Rattlesnake Gal
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Talking Wonderful Weekend!

This was one of those weekends when everything just falls into place. Thursday afternoon we passed The Mount as we got to the island. My mom was thrilled! Her Mount voyage has been years in the making and this just added to her building excitement.

Attachment 6543 (See next post for missing attachment)

Then they came by the camp on their evening cruise, flashing and tooting hello to Mom.

Saturday mornings we found a perfect spot at the Wolfeboro docks. Mom got VIP treatment and got moved to the front of the line with all of us because she uses a cane. Much appreciated.

Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1345473432.898392.jpg
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We met a super nice couple that used to stay on Birch Island years ago who told us some lake stories as we waited for our ship to come in.

As you already know, once on board, we had the delightful pleasure of meeting Mary, who has been with the company for twenty-five years. She is so friendly and helpful, a real asset to the M/S Mount Washington family! I am thrilled with my new jacket. It will help me to remember this wonderful day. While at the gift shop, per No Bozo's recommendation, I picked up a copy of Bruce Heald's Steamboats in Motion. As NB has stated before, it is an excellent deal at $4 a book. I am looking forward to relaxing on the dock with it later on today.

A couple years ago, we almost lost my mom to pneumonia. As she lay in her hospital bed with me worrying over her, she grabbed my hand and told me that she wasn't ready to die yet because she hasn't been for a cruise on The Mount. True to her word she got better. Happily, the weather, her brother and sister in-law cooperated and we were able to make this long awaited event happen!

Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1345469997.609242.jpg
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You already know Paul. Meet my other best friend and mother, Gerry, (Geraldine) with my favorite uncle, Gerry (Gerome) and my lovely Auntie Anna. The day was perfection with blue skies and calm water.

The boaters on the lake were absolutely wonderful to the passengers on The Mount. It was a thrill be be up so high, watching everyone enjoy our great lake. So many of my fans waved to me too! I didn't believe Paul when he told me they were waving to the other passengers and not just me.

After disembarking, we took a trip to the Yum Yum Shop for tasty snacks to go. Then we were off for a couple ice creams at Bailey's Bubble. My aunt and uncle absolutely loved Wolfeboro!

Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1345472719.041930.jpg
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Back at the docks, this boater was getting a lot of attention. He was spotted at the Alton docks too over the weekend.

Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1345472878.381549.jpg
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These days, no trip to Wolfeboro is complete without a look at Mitt's place. We had our sign on display and got waves by his family members that were out near the dock. That made our guests very happy.

Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1345473136.561347.jpg
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No Coast Guard boats for Mitt's visit this weekend, only our trusty NH Marine Patrol.

Later that night as we were playing cards on the porch, we heard wonderful music in the distance. Not long after, The Mount came into view. Just as she passed in front of our camp, fireworks went off over Wolfeboro that were perfectly lined up above the beautifully lit Mount. It would have been the perfect picture had I been ready for it. These fireworks were another first at the lake for Mom. They were absolutely wonderful and lasted for quite a while after the ship went by. I couldn't have planned these things to happen in the perfect way that they did. Mom adores fireworks and seeing these made her so happy. Maybe one day she will feel brave enough to go with us for one of the professional displays on the lake. Navigating at night makes her nervous, so we'll see.

Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1345471045.968224.jpg
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After a delicious breakfast at my favorite lakeside diner, (our camp) it was time for my aunt and uncle to head back home. As we were bringing them back to the mainland, The Mount glided into view as she passed behind Sleeper, Cub and Treasure Islands. It was if she came to say good bye to them.

Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1345471864.151875.jpg
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A perfect ending to a fantabulous weekend! Thanks to everyone who helped to make it special. Paul, my family, the crew on The Mount, the locals and tourists in Wolfeboro and all of the boaters that were out enjoying the day. I love New Hampshire!!!! !
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Rattlesnake Gal
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(missing attachment)
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i took this pic on saturday morning 8/18 just off welch island...

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Great read RG.Got my eyes a little watery.
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Default Me too

Originally Posted by SIKSUKR View Post
Great read RG.Got my eyes a little watery.
A lot of things to be proud of in NH.
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