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Old 09-25-2022, 04:21 PM   #1
Poor Richard
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Default A note to her majesty solo launching at Downing's today

In the remote chance you see this, or better yet, are a member here, allow me to point out a few things:

There was a pontoon tied to the dock for at least 10min prior to your arrival. This resulted in several boats waiting to be retrieved.

Once the 'toon was yanked out of the water, we were already docked on one side and the black speedy boat was in the process of being tied off to other side. Basically, there were two boats at the docks waiting for trailers before you showed up.

Based on your lack of situational awareness, when you piped in with "excuse me you're blocking both ramps" you were in fact pulled directly across both ramps therefore blocking them. Do you not see the irony here?

My captain was already in the truck waiting for you to get out of his way so we could get out of your way but of course you continued to engage not only me but the captain of the speedy boat, advising both of us to brush up on the "rules of boating"....which is A) laughable and B) not part of the boat safety course.

Once you realized both boats were going to be retrieved before you could launch, you kept asking the captain of the speedy boat to push his vessel back so you could solo launch, which he wasn't and I definitely wasn't going anywhere except for the trailer.

This entire time you were blocking both ramps, holding up the parking lot and really all you had to do was chill, pull around and let either one of the two boats get retrieved so your majesty could launch.

No, instead you felt we all owed you something and it finally took my captain losing his patience with your nonsense before you finally moved. The fact that I've known him as long as I have and not once saw him raise his voice in the manner he did today says something to me about your actions....or lack thereof.

You should be ashamed of yourself but your ego and narcissism clearly would never let that happen.

Did her majesty notice that, once you moved, we were out of the water in under 90 seconds? Probably not.
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Old 09-26-2022, 09:56 AM   #2
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This story is why I would not own a boat that I had to trailer and launch/retrieve.

However, your post makes it sound like there were boats at the dock with no truck/trailer combo at the ready. Most ramps I have observed, or helped out with others at, a ready trailer takes precedence. So if you've got boats tied to the dock and blocking all operations until their trailers arrived, those boats are the ones that would normally be considered in the wrong.

Usually docks the accommodate a lot of solo launch and retrieves have areas to tie off your boat that don't block ramp operations, but of course that is not 100% of the time.
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Old 09-26-2022, 12:12 PM   #3
Sue Doe-Nym
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Default Venting frustrations over stupidity…

I got a charge out of OP’s ode to her majesty. While her majesty will probably never read it, I am fairly sure that the writer was able to purge his feelings of frustration, so this was sort of a “miralax for the soul”.
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Old 09-26-2022, 12:33 PM   #4
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It's been many years since I trailered, but I always thought that when there were two people, one got dropped off and the boat backed away until the trailer was in the water. Then you loaded and drove off. Docks are for single handers. Of course, I was always in a situation where both people knew how to drive both the truck and the boat. If you're person number two and can't drive the truck or the boat...
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Old 09-26-2022, 01:37 PM   #5
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I trailer a lot and many times have launched/retrieved single handed at Downings. I agree that most of the time a boat waiting to retrieve could drop one person and back off, come back in when the trailer is backing in. Having said that, it can get weird quick if you back off and the next boat takes that as "I'll pull up to the dock now", which I've observed multiple times. Assuming the trailer was parked in the lot right there, it is barely a minute to walk to the vehicle and get started around the launch circle so I can definitely see waiting at the dock in that circumstance.

More to the point Poor Richard was making ... chill, be pleasant, be cooperative, be helpful. NEVER a reason to cop an attitude with people just trying to get a task done. If Her Majesty had simply asked a few questions, then politely waited, all this would have been averted and Her launch of the Queen Mary would have occurred without incident a scant few minutes later.
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Rob M
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Default Sorry...

Poor Richard, I am sorry to say you are wrong on this one. Priority is given to who has their vehicle/trailer at the launch.

In this scenario, you are the person in a busy parking lot, standing in a parking spot holding it for your "Captain" to come park in it.

What happens if your "Captain" gets to the vehicle and realizes that they forgot their keys, or has a dead battery, everyone else in line is being held up by you. If you need to dock you do it in such a way not to block access to the ramp, it is simple common courtesy.

The boat you are referring to may have been at the ramp waiting in line much longer than you pulling up to the dock. Many launches have lines, and it is always who has their vehicle/ trailer in line, not a line at the dock...it goes much quicker letting people that are ready/ in vehicle at waters edge go, than holding a spot while retrieving a vehicle.

There is no law regarding this, and hopefully we do not need one, where common courtesy/sense prevail.
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why I wait 'til December to pull my boat....never a waiting line! ;-)
....keeping " urban decay " out of photos for nearly a year.
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