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Old 12-31-2004, 10:04 AM   #1
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Default Harilla Landing Yacht Club

Here is a link to an interesting article in the Dec 9th issue of the Union Leader:
I'm curious if the clubhouse they refer to is the old store. This building has been there for over 50 years. I remember when the Sandersons use to have a little convience store and gas dock there. The article goes on to talk about a potential land swap, improving public access at the landing, wetlands violations, and dredging in Ducktrap cove. Does anyone have any information about all this?
The landing area has really become an eye-sore over the years. This past summer, on many occasions, I saw multiple barges docked at the landing overnight and materials scattered about on shore. I'm not sure how the state or town allows these companies to treat this area as their personal storage space and docking area. I don't believe there are any other public access areas around the lake that allow this to go on.
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Old 12-31-2004, 10:36 AM   #2
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Thumbs down

The landing is a total disgrace. I happened to drive down there yesterday and one of the barge companies has the entire State landing taken over with barges, boats, heavy equipment, dirt, septic tanks, etc., etc. I cannot understand how the State can allow these clowns to use State property as their personal storage areas.

As far as Harilla Landing Yacht Club is concerned, I asked a friend who is a member there if he knew anything about the boundary problems, but he had not even heard about it. Sounds like it could be a problem for the yacht club, especially since they can't claim adverse posession against the State.
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Last winter, a dark-blue barge temporarily "uglified" a residential area near me. (It was intentionally sunk at a damaged-dock work site for the winter).

When the ice melted in April, they pumped out the water and went off to parts unknown for months...then returned to repair the original site -- in September!

I "sort of" sympathize with the barges, but there should be an official single site where they can all overwinter for a nominal fee.
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Old 12-31-2004, 01:20 PM   #4
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Originally Posted by madrasahs

I "sort of" sympathize with the barges, but there should be an official single site where they can all overwinter for a nominal fee.
I do not sympathize with anyone who takes the money from the Lake without the related expense of a homeport.

The state and local "powers to be" need to demand a homeport for any equipment used on the Lake before allowing it any access to the Lake.

If landowners have to pay to play, so should the construction companies that enjoy the benefit of opportunity.

Several contractors have a homeport for their equipment. Is their homeport free?!

Why should some have a free ride?!

Just my opinion; yours may differ.

P.S.- The "powers to be" of Moultonboro are having it their way!!! Be sure to Thank them for their consideration of the area and the Lake.
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Smile Harilla VS. State?

I have kept a boat at Harilla's for over 30 years and am an owner at the boat condo. The barges have increased their presence greatly over the years. Some treat the area well and some seem to not give a &*#!. Yes, the building under question is the current clubhouse and former store. Interesting, as there were other surveys as the property passed hands, in particular when the Club condo was formed. The Harilla Board of Directors is well aware of this development. The state is preparing to upgrade the boat launch area. Let's hope they do it right with some regulation of the barge operations.
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