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Default State Fees from "2019 Boat registrations"

This started in a boating thread, but a started off course a little, so I thought maybe a new thread was in order. Discussion was about why we pay a Town Clerk $5 to register a boat ad only $2 to register a car.

Originally Posted by TiltonBB View Post
In New Hampshire you can't register your car by going directly to the DMV. You have to start at the City or Town and pay the town fees and taxes. The City permit fee for registration is based on the vehicle model year, the original factory list price of the vehicle, and the expiration date. In addition to the other costs the Town Clerk also charges a $2 fee. This fee covers the general administrative costs of preparing an auto registration permit. The fee is charged for every vehicle registration.

The City's municipal fees for MOS/MILLS on your vehicle registration are the only portions that are tax deductible on Internal Revenue Service Schedules A and B on Form 1040. These line items are a deduction for personal property taxes. The State of NH portion of your registration is not deductible
From Derscant:
Thanks for good info. It has been a while since I personally registered a car. Still wonder why it is $2 for a car and $5 for a boat. And why it is $50 for a driver's license and $10 for a non-driver ID. I seem to recall that on the back of the old boat registrations it mentioned $1.00 for the tax collector, I believe for them to sort out the surcharges for lake protection/milfoil.

If I register my car/boat in my hometown, I'm already paying local prop[erty tax to pay the Town Clerk's salary and overhead. Seems like a double charge, sort of like paying a gas tax for the roads, and then paying a toll to maintain the turnpike.

I love this one: I pay $75 a year to file a non-tax return for a small non-profit organization For the Feds, I file an "e postcard" as long as revenues are less than $50K. If I have a small business that doesn't make any money, I file a tax return, but no fee. I understand that NH gets a lot of its revenue from fees, but I don't understand some of the inconsistencies.
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Why is a boat remigration fee more than a car?

You see it requires an extraordinary amount of effort to switch the computer from the car registration "app" to the boat registration "app" and back again when done. In fact since many probably have no idea how to do this which is usually my experience it then means calling in the supervisor, the assistant to the supervisor, the superintendent to the assistant supervisor and maybe even the janitor to figure out what to do next. This is an incredible amount of salary + benefits being expended all in one place at one time. Please be patient - this can take up to a half an hour.

This requires at least two bucks of hard earned effort.

Now take a deep breath because now once processed the town clerk actually has to walk to a different area and pull the registration decals out of a different box, since they don't do this very often they may require additional time of colleagues to discuss where they were last seen.

Finally and this is the most important part, when completed they need at least a 15 minute union break to recover from such a stressful day. On the other hand they can do at least 3 car registrations in a row before taking a break.

The additional 2 bucks is just the town skimming the till for no reason.
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Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
The additional 2 bucks is just the town skimming the till for no reason.
I respectfully and apologetically don't think you know what your talking about.

You did not even mention TRAINING.

Do you even have clue what it costs to prepare for ANNUAL NEW HAMPSHIRE CITY & TOWN CLERKS’ CONFERENCE. Just the food alone costs an arm and a leg. Somehow these costs need to be recovered. Not to mention the food on the other days or if you want to go to the Water Park.

Baked Stuffed Shrimp-Lobster Sauce
Chicken Piccata Lemon Butter Sauce
Herb Crusted Roast Sirloin of Beef- Bordelaise
Spinach Risotto W/Baby Carrots Portabella

It's a grueling conference schedule. Luckily this past year from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm on the first day they get a little break. The cash bars really take the edge off during the rest of the week and the reason for conferencing with the janitor on occasion.

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WOW - you're absolutely right, this is critical and essential!

Thank you for pointing this out, I feel so much better these fees are being used so wisely.
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