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Default The cost of solar power in NH is going up

There is a change in net metering scheduled to take effect on September 1st that will raise the long term cost for solar energy in NH. This only applies to those folks connected to one of the public utilities; Eversource, Unitil, and Liberty.
When a solar array is generating more power than a home is using, the excess energy is sent back into the grid, spinning the meter backwards and generating credits on a customer's account. Those credits are then used in the evening or during the winter months to offset the charges as the customer is drawing and purchasing power from the grid. The concept is known as net metering.
Currently the public utilities net meter at a dollar for dollar basis. The new PUC order will allow the utilities to apply a discount the to crediting side of the net metering to offset some of their fixed distribution costs. The percentage of credit lost through discounted net metering is a long term cost for the solar system owner as they will no longer enjoy the 1 for 1 exchange. Under the new program the SS owner will receive about 80 cents on the dollar, this varies according to the utility company's rate schedule. IMO, it is actually a fair compromise ..all of the utility companies have fixed logistical costs that must be paid.
The good news is that any installations that have been contracted to be installed and have an interconnect agreement filed with the utility company before the Sept 1st changeover will be grandfathered at the 1 for 1 rate until 2040. The actual installation doesn't actually have to occur before the cutoff date, but the interconnect must be in place. If you have been considering installing a solar array, contract it now! This is especially true for business owners because there are commercial incentives in place that make installing solar truly a no-brainer.
For those of you connected to the NHEC there isn't an urgency, the Co-op has had discounted net metering in place for a couple of years now.
And for those of you that already have a solar system in place... Cheers! you will be locked in until 2040 at your current net metering and the value of your solar system likely just went up
Please visit the website in my signature for more details
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After hearing both sides of this issue I have concluded that this resolution is fair to both parties.
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Originally Posted by 8gv View Post
After hearing both sides of this issue I have concluded that this resolution is fair to both parties.
Amazing! In our current political/social climate, I was beginning to think a compromise acceptable to both sides was like a dinosaur!
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This is a win for those having to pay for that energy, the customers of these utilities.
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I agree with your statement that "it is actually a fair compromise". The fact I get a dollar for dollar credit is crazy, very unfair to the utilities (not that they are always fair to us).....and I get it until 2040 even more crazy....however, I'm not complaining!
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Just wondering if solar is even worth the expense here in NH due to the long winters and extended periods of cloudy weather.
Have a solar generator in Fla that works great but there's always enough sun to keep it charged.
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