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Default Center Harbor Hardware - Heath.. A+

As far as the north end of the big lake, we are VERY lucky to have some awesome shops with a huge selection of inventory.

Just today, in the middle of a project, I found myself against a wall, as my pop rivet tool was just about to buy the farm. Heavily used and always damp after an exercise, the rivet gun was basically toast. Project stalled. .. or was it?

430pm on a Saturday? EM Heath Hardware in Center Harbor was once again the light in a dark room..

Having changed over to ACE recently, they have acquired a whole new line of brands.

They had my rivet gun, not just one, but many different styles and brands along with a gigantic selection of rivets, snaps and grommets!

These were just a few items that fell within my peripheral vision as I began to smile, knowing my project of the evening was not dead in the water after-all (and I did not want to drive far either).

Middleton in Meredith and Aubacean (sorry, spelling is on break for the evening) in Moutonboro ,as well as A&B, all offer an awesome selection.

Though for as small as Heath's is, they have piled 10lbs into 5lb bucket all while maintaining great organization.

Prices are damn good from a Milwaukee cordless to a, well, pop rivet gun!

In fact, Rands in Plymouth is pretty damn sweet too!

This area is lucky to have these kick ass little stores and their very fair prices on top of convenience.

just a note, they probably have it.
NW Marine Industries, LLC

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"We are the NH Lakes Region's electrical doctor with 25 years exp. chasing wiring rats nests and taming those electrical gremlins"

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Heath's is great. Their selection of tools and parts and their knowledgeable staff is outstanding but the best part for me is that I can run over by boat from Bear. I try to plan to have the usual replacement parts on hand when opening up in the spring but there always seems to be something I missed. I can always count on them to have what I need.
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The last time I used my rivet gun was 48 hours ago.

It lives full time on the shelf but when I need it, not much else will work.

I'll have to visit this store on one of my "I can't stay indoors all winter" excursions.
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That place is valuable just for the hardware isle alone.

Funny thing is can't count the number of times I've not really had to go over there but hey it's an excuse for a boat ride from BI. Place is great. They really do carry some interesting and unique stuff in there beyond the basics. In fact I noticed the last time I was in there they have a really nice selection of dock repair parts and really well priced synthetic 2 stoke snowmobile oil.

They seem to always be busy too last weekend driving by there I was surprised to see how many cars were in the parking lot.
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Good point about dock repair parts. Thatís one of my unplanned needs when putting the dock in. They have a good selection of RDS castings.
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Default My wife....

....just does not understand that I have to GO to Heathís to determine what I need to buy.

"You're only young once, but you can be immature forever."
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Originally Posted by Newbiesaukee View Post
My wife just does not understand that I have to GO to Heath’s to determine what I need to buy.
Got a chuckle out of that. But true.

Just like you / we understand shoes.
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I go in to Heath's Hdwe for their 3/one dollar Lindt chocolate truffles ..... next to the cash register there ...... you know those round chocolate treats wrapped in brite foil ..... and sometimes end up buying for $5 ... an "oops" returned quart of a $22 can of Ben Moore paint ..... another case of unhappy customer, paint color remorse .....omg!

"It is fantastic, hi-quality paint ..... I just hate the color!"

It sure is a good thing the great big Town of Moultonborough has lots and lots of wealthy folks nearby to support that very well stocked, local, hardware store, because it could not survive with customers like me .... but I do appreciate it being here .... and go in there ... not too often?

For me, it's Lowe's and Walmart, and Walmart actually has danged good, Glidden paint and a great little aisle of fasteners, hooks, and steel mending plates, but nothing in stainless. Hyper Tough tools and .... other stuff by Hyper Tough ...... a Walmart brand to believe in .... like for $135 .... a perfectly good 10" 15-amp table saw with a sturdy 4-legged stand, and the Plymouth Walmart has 3-10" saw blades-Hyper Tough for about 14.99, a 3-pak with three different carbide blades .... not sold at the Gilford store.

Maybe someday, if my Troy-Bilt 24" snowblower ever totally drops dead, I will actually go to Heaths' and order up an Ariens 24" Compact for like $899 ..... in my dreams ...... no, that will only happen in my dreams and never happen ..... you know there's a Laconia guy on Parade Rd-North Main St who has a ranch house right on the road who has all these Troy-Bilt and Craftman snowblowers that he brings back from the grave .....he parks them out by the road ....and you can buy a decent machine for like $200-250-300 ..... his price points ..... and if it breaks down again ....you just take it back ... and it gets fixed good .... the Darwinian method of sno-blow'n!

Say-hey ..... Heath's used to have free coffee in a very nice, red and white, high density foam, Tru-Value coffee cup ..... and then this free coffee was discontinued maybe 2-yrs ago ...... if they want to revive it with an Ace free coffee cup ..... I'll be sooooo in there buying their 50-dollars gallons of paint and a $500 Makita chain saw ..... and stainless screw eyes for 2.89-each .....just revive it with the free Ace coffee ... and I will be back with the big green stuff ..... aka ....... t-h-e b-i-g m-o-n-e-y ..... all those potential customers ....... all for that free 'Ace is the Place' quality coffee?
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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