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Old 06-26-2006, 03:02 PM   #1
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Cool Dog friendly stores and restaurants

Hi--I'm wondering if there are any dog-friendly shops/restaurants/coffee places in the Laconia, Meredith, Centre Harbor, Moultonborough area? I'm bringing my more-or-less well behaved English setter with me for about a month this summer but don't want to leave him in the car or back in his crate!
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Although I am not certain about NH, most states do not allow dogs in any eating establishments, food stores, etc. Some states, but not all, do allow at outdoor cafes. Most stores, but not all, seem to have their own rules. Strangely, Home Depot, at least in FL, clearly states on the front door that pets, except service animals, are not allowed. A little off-topic, but there is a legal "battle," not in NH, whereby certain pet owners are claiming that their dogs are, indeed, "service" dogs because of the emotional support that they give their owners and therefore should be allowed in areas normally off-limits to the usual pet.
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Default Lakeside Deli - Meredith

The Lakeside Deli in Meredith has always been a place where we've taken our dog. This is one of our favorite places for breakfast, and although they don't allow dogs inside, they have nice porch with a few tables and picnic tables on the lawn outside.
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Old 06-27-2006, 11:35 AM   #4
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The RIVER RUN DELI in Alton has an outside picnic area where well-behaved dogs are welcomed.
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Old 06-27-2006, 11:52 AM   #5
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Waldo Peppers also welcomes well-behaved dogs to join their families at our outdoor patio dining area. We'll also be happy to provide you with a bowl of water for your thirsty canine.

Also, at the rear of the parking lot is a nice grassy area where you are welcome to walk your pets so they can take care of business.
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Old 06-27-2006, 02:47 PM   #6
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Sorry Pepper.I thought that area was for me.But my other half did clean up after me!!
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Old 06-28-2006, 09:10 AM   #7
camp guy
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Default Dog friendly places

Including a dog in your travels is sometimes a necessary consideration, but it presents a very serious problem for both the people with the dog and the people 'confronting' the dog. Not all dogs react with a friendly attitude towards people, and this is particularly evident when in a crowded situation - ie., walking about on a Town dock or a Town park. I have seen some very unpleasant situations in which a dog, or dogs, "acts out" in a rather aggressive manner when in a crowd. Some 'non-dog' people don't handle this well. In the more rural areas dogs are very much part of the landscape, but when walking in a crowded area I feels dogs are a risk. As far as taking dogs into stores and restaurants, this is pretty much a no-no in this State. Dogs are a very welcome addition to a family, but I'm not sure they are a welcome addition to a crowd (especially of strangers). So, please, be extra-vigilant with your dog - and remember 'pick up and carry out'.
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Old 06-28-2006, 11:53 AM   #8
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About the only place you could eat with a dog would be an establishment with an out-side picnic area, not too difficult to find in the summer time. Personally I've brought my dog many times to Red Hill Dairy in Center Harbor (outside tables.) Legal seeing eye dogs can go anywhere however I'm sure that's not your case. I get a kick out of the Wal Mart near me in Mass, they have a sign on the door that "service Animals" are welcome.....They do not have a choice, it's the law! A little P.R. I guess.

I do keep Hunter close to me, he's a 75 lb Weimeraner and the biggest baby alive. However I suppose if you didn't know him he can be intimadating (SP??) looking. Oh, want a friend for life?? He loves ice cream!
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Old 06-28-2006, 02:25 PM   #9
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As a dog owner myself, some dogs look intimidating that are not and one like mine (dachshund) can look little and approachable might not be, not so much that he would growl or snap, but people tend to go right to him, I am amazed at the parents that allow their children to just grab him with out as much as a "is he friendly?" I can tell he is hesitant and will say something like "he is a little crabby/moody" and pull him away.

What some people are used to such as barking, drooling, begging others might not find adorable (and my dog is adorable). :-)
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Old 06-28-2006, 02:52 PM   #10
John A. Birdsall
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Default dog lovers

I like dogs, I have been controlled by one for thirty years, and not being able to take them on vacation with me is uncomftorabble. My wife loves all dogs and does not hesitate to go up to them, I am in reserve until I know the dog a little. I recall an accident we had in Lee, my wife was driving and took the front wheel off a brand new truck pulling a horse trailer. Well the owner was trying to control this German Shepard that was scared and hard for the owner to handle, My wife says what a nice doggy.. Me I ran back to the car.
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Old 06-30-2006, 08:45 AM   #11
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Well we take our dogs to Shibley's take out and head over to the docks and they sit under the tables while we eat. Then they get to swim off the dock. I have to work on Dilly though, she is so water and toy obsessed I swear she doesn't stop and think and last week I thought she was going to drown for sure. I made Kelly go in and get the toy Dilly was trying to get.

The Burger King in Laconia has an outdoor eating patio. If the ducks can hang out on the porch why not a dog? There is Johnson's Dairy Bar in New Durham for take out Cuddles has been there before and the picnic tables are out.

It is actually against the state health dept. regulations for animals to be in any food establisment unless they are service dogs. I would think that an area eatery that set up a screened porch type setaing arangement with ceiling fans apart from the dine in proper would do a brisk summer/fall business with people travelling with dogs. I know that people with dog related websites love to keep stuff like that updated.

With the above list we're definitely going to be checking out some new places
Karen, Cuddles, and Dilly the Understudy with Rowdy the Ruckus Raiser
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