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Default Leaky Roof/Damaged Ceilings...contractor suggestions

I've got a leak in a section of my roof that has damaged a bathroom ceiling and a study ceiling. Looking for a roofer/contractor to take a look at it for me and provide an estimate on finding/fixing the leak and assessing any water damage and fixing the damage, if necessary. Any ideas for one-stop shopping? I'm in Meredith...
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Default A little to far, but

One thing you need to do before anyone starts poking around is call your insurance company and get the cost of the repair covered. This repair will cost you more than your deductable even if it is $1,000.00. Obviously if it is barely over it makes no sense. You can get quotes prior to calling the insurance company just make sure the damage is still in place when the adjuster arrives as it will make your life a little easier.

(or you have to document every aspect of the damage that gets removed, before and after shots are a must and to many is never enough, we average 20-80 pictures depending on the size of the job) this is a good idea anyway.

When you receive a quote from a contractor make sure that ceiling material replacement, insulation replacement, roofing replacement and any substraight material that is wet is quoted to be replaced seperately and in square foot or lineal foot breakouts. This will be a requirement when nagotiating with the insurance company as this is how their estimate will be put together. Profit and overhead need to be clearly defined by the contractor within this estimate as well. The closer the contractors estimate is to this model, the faster your will get your leak fixed if using the insurance company. The insurance company will most likely deal directly with the contractor you select as they have gotten away from just handing checks over to home owners without proof of dollars spent.

What ever you do make sure that the person fixing the leak in the roof has interest in what is going on below for repairs as they will be more interested in not having to come back a second time and repair it for free within the state required one year warranty period.

We perform approximately 4-5 insurance repair jobs a year ranging from what you describe to larger whole house water damage. Feel free to send a PM if you would like more detail.

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Default Great advice!

Insurance companies will get away with anything. I would follow this if you decide to go with a contractor outside the insurance company's list.
I had a house built in the early 80's by a 'reputable' local builder. I'm surprise he is still building! He had the pumber use thin wall pipes in the plumbing to save money. Eventually the pipes corroded and there were pin hole leaks everyehere. Because this happen 15 years after the house was built, I could not go after the builder. The insurance company did pay and I use one of the contractor that was on his list. The contractor detailed the work and work with the adjuster. All work was paid.

If you decide to use an independent contractor, I would suggest Dave Gammon of Laconia, NH. His labor is very reasonable. 603.528.1089
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I would also speak to a public insurance adjuster. These guys will evaluate the damage and negotiate with your insurance company with the proper repair cost. They work for you and will get the best deal for you. Even though they may charge up to 10% of the settlement, I found it to be well worth it.
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Question Leak due to wind damage?

If you have insurance (and if you are covered for this particular leak), your policy will probably have a clause saying that you must stop any progressive damage to the interior.

It would be wise to lay a tarp over the suspect part of the roof—before an adjuster looks at it.
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Originally Posted by Acres per Second View Post
If you have insurance (and if you are covered for this particular leak), your policy will probably have a clause saying that you must stop any progressive damage to the interior.

It would be wise to lay a tarp over the suspect part of the roof—before an adjuster looks at it.
I need to look at my paper work. I hear what you're saying, but I've looked at the rooof and have no idea where the water is coming from.
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Default insurance or not.......................

Hi, I am a contractor in the lakes region and handle insurance claims on a regulat basis. Here is how to due it. First contact a contractor willing to work direct with your insurance company. Then that contractor must halt any and all continuing damage, examine the cause and effects of the issue, call your insurance company/agent to meet with and adjuster to determine if your policy has provisions to cover the issue. Then estimates will be written by both and a final cost will be worked out between them and there is always a provision for hidden damage. (AKA suppliment). Then the contractor should completely go over this with the property owner so everyone is one the same page. And also the adjuster will contact the owner and review also. From there authorization needs to be given for work to proceed if all agree. As for payment this normally can be direct to the contractor form the insurance company. The owner should have the payment direct to them and then the owner pays the contractor. Some contractor due not like this but tough. This ensures the job is done to the owners approval before being paid. A few things to remember. The owner (you) are the customer, you are the final word. and the contractor is working for you, while the adjuster is working for the insurance company. It is the adjuster and contractor the should work out the numbers where they are familar with the procedure. And last the insurance company pays for stupidity/accidents but not lack of maintenance. However they my not pay for lake of maintenance but might cover the results of the lack. If I can be of any assistance let me know. tom@tomlibbey.com
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