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Default hula-hooping, outdoors or indoor, self-improvement

How to lose weight around your middle and strengthen your mid-section, abs-gluts-hips by using a hula-hoop.

What works the best is a weighted five or six pound hula-hoop made by Health Hoop- Korea and costs about $60. It has large knobs on the inside that grind away the fat, just like a saw blade or something.

To lose the fat and strengthen the mid-section, use a 6-lb, $60 Health Hoop-Korea, hula-hoop ....... for 10-minutes, everyday, and it works to improve your body.

Can you use a hula-hoop while on a boat, a kayak, a sup or a canoe on Lake Winnipesaukee? This is a good question? .......

http://www.prettysimpleideas.com/201...ping-benefits/ ...... first ten people who post a photograph while out there hula-hooping on a Lake Winnipesaukee boat, kayak, sup or canoe will get a free cup of quality coffee courtesy from me!

Somewhere amoung the readers of this thread, I know there must be someone who is able to hula-hoop on a sup while holding a cup of coffee, out there on Lake Winnipesaukee! Who can do this? ..... ......

Hey there, here's an appropriate video ..... www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmNfKAUitNs with Kimberly Smith, a health educator, in 2012 in Austin, Texas, somewhere close to a busy highway, hula-hooping on a stand-up paddle board ...... go Kimberly go ...... can you do this?

What Kimberly needs is a 6-lb weighted, knobby hula-hoop to slim down her mid-section ...... yes Maam, that's correct-a-tis-mo! ..... so awesome!

And, here is a young guy from 2019 ...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2XalxAU4K8 in a 3:48-video on what appears to a salt water, ocean area that really shows the difficulty when using a very light weight hula-hoop. He would have a much easier time hooping by using a weighted hoop of 6-lbs as the weight makes it a lot easier to keep it going, round and round, in either direction.

Same guy ...... doing three light weight hoops at once ...... on a grassy yard as opposed to a paddleboard ...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVX3opLpRQE ....... way-to-go ...... buddy!

In brief, say goodbye to your lower back problems, take some weight off your waist line, and strengthen your hips by hula-hooping ten minutes each day with a 6-lb $60 knobby hula-hoop made by Health Hoop-Korea. The weight makes it easier to use and it goes around more slowly than the light weight 1/2-lb $5 hoops.

I am 6'2", 200-lbs, age 71 and hula-hooping with a 6-lb knobby weighted hoop lost me about 15-lbs from around the waist in one year and done gone turned me into a mean, lean, hula-hooping machine ....... weeeoooooo! ........ ho-ho-ho! .......

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