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Default Scenic view, route 11, Gilford.

[sarcasm: on] On Route 11, between Belknap Point and Ellacoya state Park, there is a scenic view pull out. Here are two "scenic" views taken from that rest area; one in May and the other just last Monday. [sarcasm: off]
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Seems like all the scenic views are now overgrown. Alton Bay will soon look like that too,even by Sandy point the trees are growing fast!
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The flora is quite scenic but nevertheless, mundane.
Time to bring in the choppers with the tree pulverizers hanging from them.
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It seems that a few years ago, there was a little trimming done at the Gilford Rte 11 Scenic view. It helped a little, but from what I read / heard, those tree tops are on private property, and the State had no right to cut them.

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Default Scenic View

LOL Not much of a view....I go by it every Friday night, say the same thing..just topping the trees wouldn't be a bad thing...probably need the trees to secure the hill....last thing they need is a landslide
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We call that spot the "Not Scenic View".

The same thing is happening in our neighborhood. When first developed 40-50 years ago, the roads were laid out so there were great views. Over time, no one has maintained either the common spaces and of course never behind their homes so more and more views are disappearing while everything becomes very overgrown. The next ice storm won't be pretty.
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There are laws about "timber trespass" i.e. harvesting trees that aren't yours. I heard one story about somebody taking down (girdling in this case) his neighbors trees to improve the view. The neighbor sued for $50,000 (loss of privacy value), a large sum to replace the trees (another $50K?) and $50K for the improved view that the defendant gained in market value with a better view. Last I heard, the case was still pending. Probably not high on the judge's priority list.(True)

You don't have to cut the trees down. A few years ago, our local conservation commission hired a Brontosaurus to cut a swath 75 feet wide through one of their holdings to provide better wildlife habitat. It's a chipper on the end of a 50 foot articulated arm and it starts at the top of a tree and chips as it comes down. In this case all you need to cut off is the top twenty feet. Fall foliage and watershed protection is maintained and the view is revealed. Of course, if you don't own the trees...

BTW, the Rt 11 view is available from November 15 to March 15. (Tongue in cheek post)

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Sam Snead was playing golf when he was in his 60's with I think Johnny Bench his rookie year. They get to a dogleg. Sam says, " hey rookie, when I was your age, I could hit it over the trees and cut the corner."
Bench tees it up, hits it for all he's worth, and can't clear the trees, about 50 feet high. He tries three more times and can't hit it over the trees.
Sam looks at him and says, "when I was your age, those trees were about 8 feet high!"
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10 years ago you could see Bahre's house too!
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Selective tree removal, like what's needed here is very expensive, and the NH DOT has had its budget trimmed, so they don't get the funding needed for a quality, state wide, snow removal program. NH cannot have it all.....something had to go ..... so, it was yes-snow removal, and no-tree removal....that's the NH way!

The trees will still be there, next year. For tree removal to happen, the state probably needs to raise the gas tax.....which will never happen.
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Mr. V
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Has anyone asked the property owner if he/she would object to the state trimming the tops?
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Thumbs down Winter view

The view is not the best in winter but NHDOT still plows that area. What a waste!
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Maybe its time to raise the NH gas tax by 5-cents so the state can do more with the roads. As cars get more fuel efficient, the state gas tax raises less money on a year by year comparison, and there's no money for trimming the trees.

Something to consider: NH license plates went from 'Scenic' to 'Live Free or Die' in 1971. For one year in 1963, it said 'Photoscenic' .....that's a word one doesn't hear anymore. If NH wants its scenic outlooks to be photoscenic, they need to raise the gas tax, or something! Just like a car, boat, or a house ....... roads need to be maintained....and that takes money coming from somewhere.


Maybe put up a pay toll gate so it costs you 25-cents to drive into the rest area ......... right!
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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