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Default Village Kitchen chef

I read today that a chef at the Village Kitchen died in an auto accident. So sorry to hear of the loss.
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Lucky1 (03-30-2010)
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A link to the death notice is here. I took a picture of the crash scene today on Moultonborough Neck Road just north of Ferry Rd.. Very sad.
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Lucky1 (04-01-2010)
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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Very sorry to hear about the Moultonborough Neck Rd crash on March 27 in a red, '93 Mustang w/ two males, ages 24 & 32, with two deceased. Wonder if it was a manual or automatic transmission?
There's a similar looking roadside tree memorial which now has a large gash of bark missing from the impact in Campton on Route 3. On Jan 25, a boyfriend and girlfriend, ages 25 & 26, driving a 2009 VW Jetta went off the road while supposedly being chased by the local police, very early Saturday morning, hitting the tree, and eventually killing both people. Wonder if it was a manual or automatic?

It just seems to me that people driving manuals tend to be safer drivers, overall. It usually makes the driver more engaged with the driving and not have so much of a need for speed.
Are you freakin' kidding me? Man, your posts are getting worse and worse as time goes on, and that is saying something.
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It is very sad to hear of these accidents and lives of four people people cut short in these tragedies. My thoughts and prayers are with their families.
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Are there any details known about the crash? The instinct of most people is to jump to the conclusion that it was totally speed related. Now I am not saying that speed wasn't involved, but there might be more involved. Animals crossing the road, mechanical failure... etc etc etc.....

Don't jump to conclusions that it was speed and only speed.....
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Argie's Wife
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This is a tragedy and Zack was a young man with a wife (or girlfriend or s/o, as gus62, below, noted) and daughter, a career at a great little restaurant and probably well on the way to making a nice life for himself. Such a shame that it was cut short while he was so young. My deepest sympathy to his family at this most difficult time.


To those of you speculating about the cause of the accident or details about his vehicle, I find your posts, in my opinion, to be in poor taste. Please consider this man's family and friends during this time. Thank you.

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Default Zack

Zack was a great kid. Good friend of my step-son. Zack was not married but has a beautiful daughter that was his pride and joy. My heart and prayers go out to his family and loved ones.
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Default VK closed this afternoon

The Village Kitchen was closed this afternoon so the staff could attend services. The flag was at half-mast. Altogether, a thoughtful and respectful tribute.
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Default so sad

Good thoughts go out to the Sherkanowski and Barrett families, and to SamIAm and the staff at the VK for the loss of their co-worker.
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Pepper (04-02-2010)
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Default Condolences

So sad- my condolences as well to the families and all at the VK- Bob, Sherri, Rhonda, Robin et al.
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Thanks for the kind words.....Zack was loved by everyone at the VK and he will be missed by all of us. He had a great sense of humor and kept us all chuckling, but took great pride in his work. Even though everyone on our crew was shocked and saddened over Zacks death they managed to keep things going through their tears. We don't know how it can ever be the same without him but we are like a family here and we'll all pull together to get through it.
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Sorry to hear this. Somehow I did not catch this accident in the news.

My wife and myself will keep his family in our prayers, this holiday weekend.

Sad indeed.
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Argie's Wife (04-02-2010)
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This is just awful and I am so sorry to hear this. I drove by that memorial today and it literally sent a chill down my spine.
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Meredith lady
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Default Zack...

The funeral and services were wonderful-I attended as I was employed at the VK for years and the staff at VK outdid themselves-rest in peace, Zack-
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