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Default Lakes Region Hospitality

I was at Buckey's the other day, just getting ready to leave, when I overheard a guy talking to the bartender. He and his family are renting a place in Melvin Village and his car has a keyless ignitions where you only have to have the fob in your pocket to start the car. He started the car, then went back in the house and left the fob. Fast forward to Buckey's, he can't start the car after dinner- no fob. I told him I would bring him down, but at the same time a local sitting at the bar said "take my car, it's the white Corolla". The guy was from out of state and a complete stranger.

I thought it was a real cool move and an exchange worthy of passing on. I have noticed that people seem to be a little more friendly this year, perhaps due to the fabulous weather we have been having.

Please feel free to post any other positive stories you have seen or been party to.
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Default Take my tractor please

Almost a year ago I was new to the area and outside shoveling a mountain of grass clippings into the back of a truck to be carted off.. A gentleman stopped and asked me if I knew how to use a tractor. I replied yes and he suggested that I take a 10 minute break. 10 minutes later he pulled into the driveway on a tractor with a bucket. 20 minutes later I had all the grass loaded. I would have spent a great deal o time shoveling had this person not come along. He left his tractor for me to use for 30 days.
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VitaBene (07-18-2010)
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Argie's Wife
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We got a snow storm one day while Argie was at work and I was trying to shovel out the driveway so at least he could get in when he got out of work. The snow was packed in and up past my knees because of the plows clearing the road (we live on a main road maintained by the state).

Anyhow, it was our first year in the house... we didn't know most of our neighbors. A guy from up the hill from us saw me working, got in his John Deere and dug me out. I offered him money for gas and a huge thanks - he'd only take the thanks.

Another time, my car broke down in Gilmanton Iron Works - both the e-brake and the axel broke - I was on a hill and couldn't stop the car from rolling down the hill. Even in Park the car was still moving. I turned on my blinkers and waved for help - it was seriously scary. Anyhow, a guy stopped - he was with the GIW Fire Dept., and helped me get the car into a ditch to stop it. Then gave me a ride to work so I could call hubby... Super nice guy. Again, wouldn't take a dime for gas or anything...
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Rattlesnake Guy
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A few weeks ago the owners of the slip where we keep our boat were walking by and heard something running on our docked and covered boat. The bilge was not running so they removed the cover, raised the engine hatch and traced the running noise to a water pump accidentally switched on by one of the kids in the head. They disconnected the pump, left us a note, recovered the boat. Saved me a dead battery and possibly a pump. Nice folks going up and above.
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What a beautiful thread.
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Meredith lady
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Default on the other side of the coin...

While working at the Pier this past weekend I suddenly heard a loud cry and then huge sobs. A little girl (in her excitement to get to the arcades) was running down the Pier and wiped out. Both palms of hands and both knees skinned and bleeding. She later told me she was "free". (Meaning three years old). The mother in me came out and I grabbed some clean kitchen towels and offered my help. I have a first aid "stash" at the Pier...heck, I have college kids (including my son) working there! We washed and dressed all her boo-boo's and dried the tears. The parents were so incredibly grateful. They were from Vermont. The Dad offered me money after I gave the little darling some apple juice and a package of oyster crackers. I refused, and he offered me money for the band-aids! Again, I refused. They were the nicest people ever...and when I go to bed tonight I will smile at my good deed for the day! What goes around, comes around!
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Wink Two Good Deeds Done In Three Days!!

I'm up here for a month and I've had two different people do good deeds for me in only three days.

I had just finished walking my dogs and in all the chaos of getting them in the car I had left their treats on the roof. A gentleman pulled over, got out, and let me know. Totally caught me off guard. I thought he was yelling at me for not having the dogs on a leash. I was too quick to judge. He was just being helpful. I certainly learned a lesson.

Then last night while I was at an AA meeting, another gentleman told me about a meeting tonight in Alton. Then he offered to drive me there...by boat!!! This will definitely be a first for me.

I've been coming to the lake my entire life and since I quit drinking my cottage has been off limits to me because it's way too much of a trigger. I haven't even been able to frequent the town where my family's place is because that too is a trigger.

So I rented a little cabin for the month on the other side of the lake so I could enjoy this wonderful place and it's been going (sorry for the pun in advance) swimmingly.

And then this complete stranger offers me a ride to a meeting on his boat at dusk. What a way to end a perfect, sober day!

I'm sure I'll be on here at least a few more times in the next month talking about the gracious, helpful, and all-together kind people in the Lakes Region!!
Dream out loud.
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Rattlesnake Guy (07-22-2010)
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Default Thank you

These are some nice stories and just what I had in mind when I started the thread. It just always seems like doom and gloom on the news!
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Greene's Basin Girl
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Originally Posted by VitaBene View Post
These are some nice stories and just what I had in mind when I started the thread. It just always seems like doom and gloom on the news!
One of the loon rangers broke down the other day in front of one of my forum friend's lake house. She towed him back to Lee's Mills.
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During my vacation on the 4th of July week, I also noticed that people generally seemed to be much calmer and happier than usual. We took the boat up to the Center Harbor fireworks on the 4th, and it was one of our most relaxing nights on the lake ever. Instead of the usual chaos (especially after the fireworks when everyone's leaving), everyone was nice and mellow. Boats cruised in and anchored nice and calm and well spread out. After a beautiful sunset and great fireworks show, everyone just kind of pulled up anchor and slowly putted out. No crazy wakes, no chaos. For what it's worth, I think the nice weather really does help out with peoples attitudes.

Also, a good representative of the Lakes Region hospitality is the kid at the fuel dock at Shep Brown's. Great kid, pumps your gas with a smile, makes a little light conversation, gives good secret sandbar leads, you can really tell he enjoys his job.
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Misty Blue
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Default Pay it forward...

A couple of winters ago after an overnight snow fall I was fueling up my plow truck getting ready to plow my customers. My truck broke down at the pumps. The owner, instead of being mad at me for blocking his pumps, ofered me his plow truck (A cool F-350) to do my morning work while he waited for AAA to pick up mine.

Job done, truck fixed, new friend.

Misty Blue
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