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Old 03-12-2010, 09:42 AM   #1
Rattlesnake Gal
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Arrow SB464 Hearing Yesterday

The supporters of the speed limit law on Lake Winnipesaukee filed SB464 in an effort to make the law permanent before the formerly agreed upon two year study was completed.

Yesterday there was a hearing in Concord for said SB464, which started 10:30 am and went on until around 4:30 pm. It was not as well attended as the previous speed limit hearings, knowledge of the hearing was not widespread. In my opinion, both sides seemed to be equally represented. Though many attendees did have to leave part way through, including committee members. I know they will catch up with what transpired after their exit because the testimony was being taped for transcription.

It was a very long day. Everyone who wanted to testify in regards to their view, were given the opportunity. My thanks go to the committee and others that allowed this to happen.

Winnipesaukee.com was pretty well represented, which I think is pretty cool! Nice to put faces to the names.

Hazelnut, whom I recognized from his Patriots jacket and talk of twins.
Coastal Laker
Wolfeboro Baja

Each one of us spoke except for Wolfeboro Baja.

There certainly may have been other members from Winnipesaukee.com, but I am unaware of who they might be. They did not come forward to interact with me.

I was unprepared to testify and extremely nervous to do so. A member of the committee and our Forum friends encouraged me to do so, as I am an islander that is present on The Broads for a goodly portion of the year and this area is of great importance to the issue.

I counted 17 people speaking for the bill. (One lady spoke twice, but I counted her only once.)

14 spoke against the bill.

I forgot to write down which side Robert J. Letourneau, Chairman was on.

And I also missed which side speaker #18 was on.

Merrill Fay and Hal Lyon were there and both spoke. The owner of the Lincoln House spoke as well, along with other people with names that you and I would recognize.

The committee listened, asked questions and gave consideration to the testimony of each and every individual that came forward. Democracy at it’s best!

It is my understanding that the committee will be voting on this bill in the next week or two.

This post is intended to be neutral and informative, which I hope has been accomplished. I certainly could add more, but hesitate to do so.
This should not turn into a speed limit debate - we have been there and done that. We all have our sides and have made our opinions known.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping this an informative thread.

The following is the only article that came up in a Google search.
Boat speed limits debated

WMUR was there and did an interview with OCDACTIVE as well as the opposing side.
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Thank you for the report, RG; like you said, it WAS nice putting some faces to the names and it was also a pleasure meeting you!

I agree with you, it did seem like both sides were well represented, at least for the first 2 hours that I was there. Not knowing how long a committee hearing like that would last, I hadn't planned on being there more than a couple of hours so I couldn't return for the afternoon session. I was very surprised when I read that it went almost to 4:30pm! I never signed up to speak because I am a horrible public speaker; I get very nervous and tongue-tied!

I'm sure Sen. Fuller-Clark's mind is already made up since she was the first person to testify and did so in favor of SB464. It seemed to me that she had a strong personal interest though I'm not sure why. Listening to her testimony, she said she was a boater and it sounded like she boated on Winni. But after I checked her info at the state's website, I found out she's from Portsmouth and represents cities/towns on or near the seacoast. I would've expected the bill's primary sponsor to have closer ties to the Lakes Region than the Seacoast.

BUT, whatever, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I'm hoping the other 4 senators on the committee will keep an open mind to the testimony they heard and/or will review. The committee chairman, Sen. Letourneau, certainly seemed interested in both sides as he asked pointed questions to both supporters and opponents of the bill. And it was nice to see the testimony was emotion free, with no one taking shots at the other side.

All in all, it was a pretty good experience. The hard part will be waiting to hear their decision!

P.S. Is 'DoTheMath' the high school teacher that took the day off to testify?
"It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood: if they be repealed or revised before they are promulged, or undergo such incessant changes, that no man who knows what the law is to-day, can guess what it will be to-morrow." {James Madison in the Federalist Papers, No. 62}
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If you go to the 'bill search' for the NH House or NH Senate and enter SB464, you get the official, up-to-date info.

Believe SB464 is currently held in committee by the Senate Transportation & Interstate Regulation Committee, which has five members; three lady democrats, and two gentleman republicans. Senator Bob LeTourneau is the chairman.

And, let's not forget about the invisible, 900-lb gorilla in NH - Lake Winnipesaukee politics: the NH Marine Trades Assoc, a Laconia based marina & motorboat lobbying group that has funneled political money contributions to New Hampshire Republican, local politicians, for the last forty years.

According to the NH Marine Trades Assoc; the only good speed limit law is no speed limit law!
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!
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Honestly.. FATLAZYLESS.. You would complain that your soup is to warm. Every topic that comes up you have something to say and it is always your way or the highway.

Fast boats don't kill people.. Drunk people on Boats kill people. More checkpoints would save lives.

The lakes region is loosing revenue from people who enjoy safe boating at higher speeds. Most of the faster boats start at 150,000 dollars. You don't think having people who can afford these boats on the water is a good thing to attract to the tourism and real estate market.

Honestly, You are just as likely to be killed by a drunk person driving a 21 foot century at 43 miles per hour on a Saturday afternoon.
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Thanks for the wonderful and unbiased post about what is going on....


The teacher was Hazelnut.....

I wanted so badly to be there, but well sometime you have to work......
Life is about how much time you can spend relaxing... I do it on an island that isn't really an island.....
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Default Thank you

I want to thank those of you who have taken the time out to represent boaters from Lake Winnipesaukee at this meeting. Often times outside forces would influent representatives and not give a true picture of what is going on. I am talking about both side of the coin.

I would very much like to be there, as I consider myself a 'Winnipesaukee native', having grew up since I was a baby on The Broads.

Unfortunately, my family is extremely close to both families in the trial and I was asked to be with the sister of the deceased.
Someday may never be an actual day.
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Originally Posted by BroadHopper View Post
Unfortunately, my family is extremely close to both families in the trial and I was asked to be with the sister of the deceased.
BH, you unquestionably know where the important responsibilities lie. I am sure that this trial has taken and continues to take a tool on everyone involved. I certainly hope that soon the situation will be laid to rest. You have mentioned you connection before and I only hope that you and everyone else involved is able to find the peace that is needed and move on once the trial is over.
Life is about how much time you can spend relaxing... I do it on an island that isn't really an island.....
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Default thank you

This would be a good thread for the thank you button. In the absence of said button. I would like to thank Rattlesnake girl for her post and anyone else that went to the meeting.

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Thumbs up

It was so great to meet you Rattlesnake Gal. Yes I was forced to take a personal day yesterday in order to testify. I am actually so glad that I did. I've ticked one more item off of my "Bucket List." This year I have been fortunate to actually serve on a Jury for a one week case involving a Mayhem and Assault & Battery charge and now I have had the privilege of speaking in front of a senate committee.

I urge everyone reading this to take the time some day and speak at a public hearing regarding a cause that is important to you, no matter what side of the coin you are on. One thing that was evident yesterday is that people are extremely passionate about this issue on both sides. (As if we didn't know that already)

Thanks to all that spoke and I've received many nice comments and emails regarding my testimony and I thank you for that. Overall it was a very positive experience. DoTheMath, Rattlesnake Gal and I stayed until the bitter end and it was a LONG day!!!
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Good to meet you too RG! I thought the day went really well, good testimony from both sides of the issue and 99% of it seemed to be well thought-out and presented.

HN is right - he, RG and myself did stay and see it through to the very end - it was even worth the $5 parking ticket I got!

I hope this continues to be a process that we can see through to the end and offers up an end result that makes the lake enjoyable for all!

Cheers -

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Originally Posted by hazelnut View Post
... it was a LONG day!!!
I am sure it was.... Our governmental process is a wonderful thing.... However it tends to be lengthy and dry, with all the formalities and procedures....
Life is about how much time you can spend relaxing... I do it on an island that isn't really an island.....
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I just received an email today from the AMC urging me to support the bill (!). I've reproduced the message below in its entirety. They obviously don't know me as I am against any speed limits. Still, I am a little saddened that the AMC would shotgun out a message like this to it's members in NH. At least, I think that's how I got this email. I am an AMC member and have even stayed in the lodges with a friend. Overall, I like and support the organization but I REALLY don't like this. Clearly the troops are being mobilized.


This message is reproduced without any modifications or edits. A simple cut and paste so please don't yell at or blame me for what they say.


Ask your State Senator to Support SB 464
Dear Mark,

The New Hampshire State Senate will soon be voting on a bill, SB 464, to make permanent the 45/25 mph speed limits on Lake Winnipesaukee that was in effect last summer (2009), and will be in effect this summer (2010), but is scheduled to expire in January 2011.

Summer 2009 showed that the 45/25 mph speed limits do, indeed, work. Many more kayaks were seen on Lake Winnipesaukee, and many residents expressed feeling safer and enjoying their time on the lake more. Most boats abided by the speed limits, and no major speed-related accidents occurred. Making the speed limits permanent will only enhance compliance, as more boaters will know about and expect the limits, and users of the lake—including tourists, campers, and, of course, families—will have certainty that the lake will be a safer place to recreate.

If you have an experience of how the speed limits improved your experience of the lake this past summer, please email or call your State Senator today. Your personal story is the most effective and persuasive information your Senator can receive. But even if you don’t have a personal story, please take the time to email or call your State Senator in support of SB 464. Here is some information you might find helpful:

⋅SB 464 is supported by the NH Camp Directors Association, 12 marinas, and thousands of Lake Winnipesaukee users and residents;
⋅Speed kills, be it on a highway or on a lake. New Hampshire has speed limits on its highways, its 7000 miles of motorized trails (for ATVs, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles), and many of its lakes and ponds. Speed limits on Lake Winnipesaukee will help protect the resource as well as the recreational experience for a broader spectrum of users;
⋅Lake conditions are often unpredictable and sometimes chaotic. Boats have no brakes, headlights, or side mirrors. Unlike our highways, lakes do not have lane markings or traffic signals. Instead, lakes do have constantly changing conditions: waves, wind, and often compromised visibility. Traffic goes in all directions. As on roads in town centers, or on multi-use trails, where many different types of users are side-by-side, the 45/25 mph speed limits allow a safer coexistence of all lake enthusiasts.

(Signed by Susan Arnold)

Director of Conservation
Appalachian Mountain Club
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Thumbs down What next - Al Gore joins WinnFabs?

Why don't they stick to the purpose of their charter? I'm telling them to cancel my membership - TODAY.
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I thought the speed limit discussion was closed? Webmaster Don, before I respond I will ask, are you going to allow responses?
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I am the poster of the AMC email.

My purpose was to inform, not inflame. If anyone took offense, I apologize as that was not the intent. The initial post seemed to talk about the number of people that went to Concord to speak on the topic. I thought it would contribute to tell everyone about another large organization who was mobilizing its members. I stated my position on the topic (against) in the spirit of disclosure.

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