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Default What is your vision for the Lake?

With all of the debate about speed limits, HP limits and NWZs what seems to get lost is what people are truly looking to accomplish (and that does not necessarily mean agenda!).

I am looking for Winnipesaukee to remain a fun, safe place where my kids and their kids can enjoy the same activities that I have. It has been my pleasure to teach my 15 YO son boating and the ways of the lake. I am proud to see him buzzing around Lee's Mill and Green's Basin in his 8HP skiff flying the Skull and Crossbones!

So what is yours?
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First and foremost I come to Winnipesaukee to have fun with my family.

I hope that my boys will learn to enjoy the joys of a taking a blast across the open water on the rare occasion when the lake is mirror flat and you donít really even care how fast you are going, its just WIDE-OPEN!!!

I hope that they will be able to spend enough time tied up at a sandbar to really appreciate just how relaxing it is to hear the water slap against the hull and that you need nothing else except a cooler full of sandwiches for a perfect day at Winnipesaukee,,,

I hope that the lake will remain accessible, and they will be able to bring their children up to enjoy Winnipesaukee as I have.

I hope that they will learn that Winnipesaukee is just as much fun in the middle of the winter as it is in the middle of the summer!

I hope that they will learn that Winnipesaukee is something to be shared with everyone; kids and seniors and everyone in between who might be playing or lounging on the shore, sail boaters on pint-sized sail-fins in the coves and wooden classics painting a backdrop against the mountains as they cross the broads, power boats from the smallest aluminum fishing boats with bolt-on outboards to the soothing drone generating woodies and classic-glass rooster-throwing jetdrives of the 60's and 70's, ETC, Etc, etc,,,

But mostly I hope they will find the same sort of friendly, courteous, and welcoming people that I met every summer that I came to Winnipesaukee as a child.

Well thatís a start,,,
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Dave R
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I'd like to see overnight anchoring allowed again. I used to enjoy that when I was a kid.
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Originally Posted by Dave R View Post
I'd like to see overnight anchoring allowed again. I used to enjoy that when I was a kid.
Dave I fully agree even if they had to use a permit or reservation system to keep the numbers reasonable. We spent many nights in our little cuddy in the coastal waters of MA- World's End in Hingham to Oak Bluffs Marthas Vineyard.
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Great Post Vita;

For me personally having my family and close friends who come up to spend time and share the lake camp with us is invaluable. These times will be remembered forever by all and I am grateful for each and every one.

Contrary to popular belief the lake now in my opinion is also much cleaner than it was in the 60's and 70's. While there are many more houses and camps around the lake, septics system ordinances no longer allow leaching into the lake and people are "greener" now and realize it's importance. Yes there are still things we can do to to help even more, but great strides have been made and for that I am thankful. I am also confident that for many years to come the lake will become even cleaner and here for the next generation to enjoy like I did.

Yes we certainly have more boats now than ever enjoying the lake. I am again hopeful and confident that through education, compromise and patience a happy medium will be found where sail boaters, kayakers, performance boaters, and all water sport enthusiasts can continue to safely utilize the lake for their personal enjoyment without infringing on others boundaries. In order for this to continue we all must work together and understand each others point of view. The walls must come down, the us vs. them attitude will get us all nowhere. Only open dialogue and communication will resolve the issues.

My greatest hope and fear is for the area businesses. I sincerely hope the economy turns around and the area businesses start to flourish. They are so desperately needed and wanted and are such an intergal part of our enjoyment on the lake. Without them the area would be a ghost town...



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My vision is simple, leave the lake open to all with the least amount of restrictions as possible that hinder it's use and enjoyment.
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