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Default Bass'n Help

need some help, know it was cold and early, but was skunked on bass all weekend long - not for lack of sticking/moving/scanning/ -just could not find them - Any tips
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Default Warmth

I would start by finding the warmest water possible. Depending on your location & mobility that might be a stream inflow area or just the farthest back you can get in a bay. Moultonboro bay & points north is likely to be warmest section, but you can find the warmest water in whatever area you are in. Shallow water warms faster. If that warmest water is < 58 degrees a jerk bait can be a killer.
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Winnipesaukee Winter Wonderland fishing for Silver Buddy smallmouth.

Air Temp 30 - Water Temp 37

Not just a winter tactic. But good for a week or two in very early spring
after ice out.

The same cold water tactic works in the spring too. All-be-it for only 2 weeks at best this time of year. Boat positioning is every thing. Go to a place that you know they will be spawning at in a week or two. Find the drop off from the shallows, fish from 22 to 28 maybe even 30 feet a few times down at that wall/drop off. Water temp is not that important now. Keep in mind genetically the most important thing for the fish right now is to spawn in a few weeks, so they will be near those spots already. A few fish here and there will cruise the shallows on occasion and might be catch-able but its not usually a productive pattern,in a week or two it will be. Silver Buddy fishing is not easy and you will lose a few of them here and there. Other lures can work a well but don't use (long)rubber worms keep things under 4 inches long. Keep the baits small and compact gitzits/tube baits work well too, and get them down there to that 22 to 28 foot zone. The bait has to / must hit bottom, then rip the bait upwards a few feet as fast as you can and let it fall on a slack line to the bottom. (Summarized) The bite almost always comes on the fall on a slack line so you in many instances do feel the bite right away. But when you rip it up the next time you will. The day after ice out in 1998 my friend an I got 22 that day. Around the year 2002 on Winnisquam my first 5 casts of the year yielded me 2, 4-1/2 pound fish.

Don't get discouraged if you don't get anything right away, the main thing is to try it to get some faith/confidence in the technique. Once you get a fish or two you be saying holy **** this works. Again its not an easy technique to learn and it does require the the right rod and reel combo. My preferences 6 foot 6 inches minimum rod length to 6 foot 10 inches is a good place to start, medium heavy action. Baits should weigh about 5/8 ths to 3/4 ounces, no lighter 12 to 14 pound test line line, color is not important. Again get the baits to the bottom and then lift them quickly about 3 feet or so then let it fall back to the bottom. Do not reel the bait up *use the rod to do the lifting only reel up excessive slack as the bait gets closer to the boat as it eventually will. Try to repeat this over an over and over an over. Get a feel for how long it takes for the bait to re-hit the bottom and how consistent you are doing this repeatedly. If your practicing this and don't feel the bait hit bottom after its normal amount of time you were previously experiencing you might have a fish. More than likely as you learn this technique you won't feel a traditional bite because of the slack line, but in time you will.

Other Tips and opinions: Blade Bait Tricks For Early Spring Bass.
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