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Default Interlakes Animal Hospital

Requesting opinions on this vet. Had an unsatisfactory experience with another vet in the Laconia/Gilford area, and looking for another option.

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Interlakes in Meredith?

Absolutely outstanding place. We've been with them for 14 years and they our outstanding vets. Very compassionate and caring.
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Barney Bear
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Default Woof, Woof

We have had exceptional experiences with this group, including a visit after midnight when we came off Bear Island with our ailing Scottish terrier. 🐻
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We had a dog emergency this week and called Interlakes to see if the could could fit us in. It didn’t matter that we weren’t regular customers and they saw our Golden right away. They kept her for the day for treatment and now she’s home and on the mend. The people there were great and we were very pleased. If we were permanent residents they would be our regular vet. Highly recommended!

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Please send me a PM about the unsatisfactory experience with the Vet in the Laconia/Gilford.

I'd like to know the name of that Vet so I don't make the same mistake.

Thanks !

Originally Posted by gillygirl View Post
Requesting opinions on this vet. Had an unsatisfactory experience with another vet in the Laconia/Gilford area, and looking for another option.

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Default InterLakes and CAVES

Public Service Announcement:

Make sure you pick up socks and other things that can sometimes be lying around the house if you have dogs who enjoy eating them.

Last Thursday, one of my Goldens barfed up her breakfast shortly after eating. Contained in the debris was some sort of fabric, which I assumed was a sock. (she has a history of stealing socks and ingesting them). She had the dry heaves a couple times more during the day and then also couldn't keep her supper down. On Friday morning, I made her just plain white rice, and that came up as well. She was moping around with the expression of, "Daddy, I don't feel very good". I called InterLakes and they were able to see her Friday afternoon.

Dr Bruce and the staff there were fantastic. Very compassionate and caring. Dr Bruce suspected something was caught in the abdomen and did an X-ray, which confirmed her suspicion. She said, "you need to get your dog to CAVES in Concord NOW...we've called ahead...they are expecting you"

Hustled down to CAVES, (Capital Area Veterinary Emergency Services). I had never heard of them before, but they are excellent. They confirmed Interlakes diagnosis and took my little golden girl in for surgery right away. The surgeon, (Dr Dave Diamond), called me later Friday night and said she was ok, but it was good that I did not wait any longer. A sock was stuck between her stomach and intestines, and the intestine was bunching up around the sock. He was able to pull it back into the stomach intact and remove it. The irony is that my big male Golden has eaten TV remotes, eyeglasses, socks, shoes, you name it...I always figured that he would be the one that might get something stuck in his guts, not my goody-two-shoes girl.

She was able to come home on Saturday and is now starting to perk back up, but it will definitely be a few weeks before she is running and jumping after lacrosse balls again.

I cannot say enough good things about the people at InterLakes and CAVES. They are thorough and very compassionate. And remember, pick up your socks!
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gillygirl (09-26-2019)
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Very glad it worked out for you and your golden girl. Glad to know about CAVES in Concord.

Also wanted to bring up the Meredith Place Vet Emergency vet for after hours emergency care.

8 Maple St, Meredith, across from Hobo RR office.

(603) 279-1117

Be sure to call ahead, so the door is unlocked and they are ready for you.
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Been there done that with my now 13 year old chocolate lab. When he was younger he had a love of socks and gloves or mittens. If you realize what the dog has done very soon after the ingestion, your vet may recommend a dose of hydrogen peroxide followed by a jog around the block to stir things up. It induces vomiting. Make sure that your vet approves and that the hydrogen peroxide is fresh. Worked 3 times for us. The fourth time it did not work so a rush trip to CAVES. Since only a little over an hour had elapsed, they give him a shot to induce vomiting and up the glove came. The vomiting is only safe if the item is still in the stomach, hence the time factor.

Thankfully as he got older that habit stopped, but we still keep a fresh and unopened bottle of the stuff on hand. Glad it worked out.
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Iím glad ďCAVESĒ worked out for you.
I canít say Iím very satisfied with them myself.
I walked in one day because my Springer had rectal bleeding. We sat for 4 hours without any acknowledgement after signing in. Disgusted, I left and called my regular vet in Salem who said to come in first thing in the morning.
I wonít go back there.
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Interlakes animal hospital is awesome. We've been with them since moving back to NH 12 years ago. They are absolutely great to deal with.

For what its worth we've also had a number of really good experiences with the Meredith Place emergency vet.

For example did you know that if your knucklehead of a golden retriever licks a toad he will droll GALLONS of drool all over everything? And even though he is drooling large puddles of drool he will be just fine? Well, perhaps not fine exactly but no worse than he was before licking the toad!!!
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