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Default Public boat parking at Shep Browns

Anyone know the deal with the town parking lot at Shep Browns? Seems like people leave their trailers there unattached to vehicles for extended periods of time. Now the marina is storing boats in the lot that are shrink wrapped.
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The very few times I have used that ramp, when I had a trailered boat, it was a huge “fustercluck” and I can’t imagine it ever getting better.
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If you are referring to the upper dirt lot, I am pretty sure Shep's (Goodhue) own that lot. In the summer one side is supposed to be used for trailer parking the rest for cars. In the winter time that entire lot is full of shrink wrapped boats. They don't usually clear it out until a about 2-3 weeks before memorial day.

The lower lot that is paved does get used by Sheps temporarily in the off season as they are moving boats in and out of seasonal storage. This time of year as is true in the early season parking with trailers is generally OK to do. Prime time summer it's a no no.
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Default Parking

500 boats expected by end of month!!
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Old 10-07-2020, 07:04 PM   #5
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I used that ramp to pull out after our vacation rental ended back in July because we squeaked out an extra day on the water. I was able to leave my trailer at a family friends house right up the street, but I had my wife and sister in law park in that lot. When we returned from being out all day we noticed the sign that said something like 30 min parking only. Neither car had a ticket or was towed while we were gone, but we'll figure out something different for next year. It isn't clearly marked where to go or what to do there, at least from what I could tell, especially with all the activity from the marina as well.
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Denny Crane
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Default Parking Disaster

If launching and pulling your boat isn't stressful enough, parking at Shep Brown's will put you over the edge! I've been launching over 10 years and it's always a crap shoot. While my family and boat are taking up valuable time at the dock I sweat and try to be creative finding a place to park. I don't blame the marina at all since they don't get anything out of all the public boat and trailer traffic. The upper parking has gotten worse every year. One day this summer I ended up parking on the main road after almost putting my truck in a ditch trying to do a 10 point turn up the road. I got a $35 ticket but it was money well spent since I was out of options. I launched last Sunday and it was so quiet I able to leave my truck and trailer in the main lot and what a day we had! I usually flip a coin between launching at Shep's or Town Docks, pick your poison. Shep's is an easier launch with rough parking, or Town Docks easier parking but bang up your tires on those dam curbs! I have a pontoon and have a tough time nailing a good launch there!
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