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Default 45mph

How is the law written, Does it say 45mph for boat, water vessel, etc. Why I ask this is , I have been thinking about Floatplanes,, and they must have to be doing over 45 to take off? I'm not trying to start a war, this is simply just a question.
It seems that some people are on edge in here lately, and just looking for something to jump on. Just FYI, I'm againest the speed limit, so I don't have a problem with floatplanes, it just was something I have been thinking about recently.
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Floatplanes taking off and landing are not subject to the 45/25 foolishness.

270:13-a Operation of Seaplanes or Helicopters on Public Waters. –
I. Any seaplane or any helicopter on floats which lands on public waters shall be exempt from all laws and rules concerning the operation of boats for the purpose of landing and taking off from such public waters.
II. Any seaplane or any helicopter on floats shall exercise due caution and respect for the rights and safety of any person or boat using the public waters.
Source. 1990, 175:1. 1992, 187:3, eff. July 11, 1992.

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Thank you Airwaves, that answered my question exactly. Thanks again !
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45 mph is still Realllllly fast in a flotplane
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....hey.....even I concede that going 45-mph in a float plane is a reasonable speed.....and 45-mph is about all that one of those little Laker Amphibians seems to go.....they seem to go very slow for an airplane...probably something to do with the engine & propeller mounted backwards...?

Beside, there's lots more to see at slower speeds.........!
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!
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Default Perceptions

Let's see Less. Stall speed for the Lake Aircraft I could find are 49 kts (56mph) with flap and gear down, 55kts (63 mph) with the plane clean. So the lake amphibian would have to be going at least 56 mph to take off and fly*. Flying at this speed for any length of time close to the ground or water would be hazardous, so typically once the plane is airborne it would accelerate to its best climbing speed, which is probably closer to 90 mph. My point here is that humans are very poor judges of speed, that why cops need radar.

*ground effect would lower this speed close to the ground, but the plane would still have to accelerate above this speed to climb.

It think we have a lake pilot or two on this forum who could validate or correct my numbers.

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