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Default Meredith in 1910

Issued by the Meredith Board of Trade - The Rumford Press - Concord, NH - 1910.

"A world of beauty everywhere we go!
The mountains gleaming through the hazy veil,
The deep blue sky where fleecy cloudlets sail,
Are imagined in the placid lake below,
Where white in little coves the lilies blow.”

In these mellifluous lines a facile pen has drawn an accurate sketch of one of Meredith’’s distinctive charms. Out of the happy combination of mountain, sky and lake which obtains in this fortunate town springs an attractiveness which is nowhere surpassed. There is a wealth of natural beauty to be enjoyed everywhere among her peaceful valleys, upon her lofty hilltops and by the side of her laughing waters. The lover of the rare and picturesque in rural scenery is certain her to find rich satisfaction for both heart and mind.
Meredith is a typical New England town. There is a great diversity in her topography. Nature has generously endowed her with lowlands and highlands. She has many acres of level meadows, a half score of placid lakes, and numerous rugged heights, with spacious vistas sufficient to equip an entire county with choice allurements.

The visitor who comes for the first time to this fair section of the old Granite State and passes along the well-kept highways of this township is sure to be impressed with the noble character of the scenery and the effective appeal which is made on all sides to the aesthetic sense. It is like one great estate laid out with judicious discrimination and adorned with lavish outlay of the best things which earth can furnish. One never tires of the changing panorama as he rides beneath lofty forest pines, along the shores of island-gemmed ponds or by the side of richly cultivated fields.

The soil of Meredith is justly celebrated for its fertility. Many are her farms, which compare favorably with any within the confines of the state. Under intelligent and energetic cultivation these yield a handsome return for the labor bestowed upon them. A ready market awaits all crops. For early vegetables there is a special demand. Poultry and dairy products are likewise quickly sold at marketable prices. The large number of summer residents in cottages and boarding houses makes trade rushing for the thrifty husbandman.

The village of Meredith, where the business of town is chiefly transacted and where the larger part of the population resides, is a true Interlaken. It lies between lakes Squam and Winnipesaukee on the one side and between lakes Waukewan and Winnipesaukee on the other. These bodies of water are justly famous for their unique loveliness; lofty mountains throw their shadows over them and many woody islands grace their bosoms. Their shores are beautified and humanized by hundreds of modern cottages, bungalows and camps and across their waters ply a numerous fleet of steam and gasoline launches. To meet the needs of the summer colonies Uncle Sam has established rural mail routes by boat on both Squam and Winnipesaukee, so that daily deliveries are made at the most distant points.

Railroad facilities here are excellent. The depot is thirty-eight miles from Concord and 112 miles from Boston on the mail line of the Boston and Maine system. Twelve passenger trains pass daily. There are ample mail and express accommodations. Telephonic communications are provided by two local companies and long distance throughout New England.

The village has several flourishing churches and missions, both Protestant and Catholic. There are a number of fraternal organizations, an enterprising local newspaper, a board of trade, excellent schools, including one of high school grade, a finely equipped public library, a good hotel and several first-class boarding houses, macadam streets, concrete sidewalks, electric lights, city water, drug stores, groceries, meat markets, millinery, dry goods and clothing establishments, bakeries, barber shops, restaurants, and in fact nearly everything in the ordinary mercantile line except saloons, In the last the town is deficient.

Manufacturing enterprises have here a natural home. Water power in generous amount is available at many points. There is a 39 foot drop from Lake Waukewan into Meredith Bay. The connecting canal runs through the center of the village. At Meredith Center, a hamlet four miles from the depot, there is also a dam supplied by Lake Wicwas, Ten other mill sites on streams flowing from inland ponds have at various times been utilized. For electric power there is adequate provision in a current developed by the Meredith Linen Company and another brought from the Laconia electric plant. There is thus opportunity for many industries to find admirable locations. As a further encouragement it is the settled policy of the town to give favorable consideration in taxation to all manufacturing establishments. And native-born American help at reasonable wages is always obtainable.

For the man of leisure who wishes to find a quiet home Meredith offers many attractions. Here are all the necessary modern conveniences. Beauty and peace crowd about one’’s steps wherever he turns. Living expenses are very low compared to great towns. If the quest is for rest and for comfort without burdensome outlay the inducements are many to locate here.

For the man of means who desires a place where he may spend his vacation near to Nature’’s heart and amuse himself with out-door occupations, the farms of the town present exactly what he needs. He can on these gratify any degree of taste for life in the open amid most inviting surroundings.

Already many wealthy city dwellers have here there summer homes, with broad acres, which tell of generous investments for pure enjoyment’’s sake.
For the professional man who only has a few weeks to devote to a summer outing and wants a taste of camp life, nothing surpassing the opportunities afforded in Meredith can be found in all New England. With her many miles of lake front she possesses just the advantages and facilities that make a brief holiday especially invigorating and enjoyable.

For the residents of crowded cities who are anxious to put their families amid attractive rural scenes where expenses will be small, comforts many, pleasures inviting, safety assured, and the population wholly American, Meredith has special charms, A summer home can be procured here at comparatively low cost with all of the essentials and most of the luxuries of modern life. Many city people have already found this out and have erected beautiful villas overlooking magnificent vistas and with their families come among us annually with increasing delight.

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For the capitalist who has funds to invest in industries calling for sober and reliable employees and requiring plenty of cheap power under moderate taxation Meredith opens an inviting field. The temper of the situation will be found exceedingly congenial and the local encouragements many and valuable.

And especially for the energetic hotel manager, who knows how to exploit the natural advantages of climate and scenery, Meredith is a garden of opportunities. The visiting public has learned to love this ideal country town. In growing numbers it comes this way. Summer boarders now are more numerous than comfortable accommodations. All available houses are open and the demand outruns the supply. Were attractive quarters more abundant the tide of travel would set this way in still larger proportions. There are admirable locations awaiting occupation equaling attractiveness anything in all the eastern states. To be convinced of this fact one needs but to come and see.

And so indeed, regarding all her claims, Meredith invites a critical inspection on the ground. So certain is she that the attractions she has to offer are of convincing value that she confidently awaits the judgement of those who come to examine for themselves.

As one of her poets has musically sung, it is here especially true in the perfect hours of summer time that,

“Soft the song the leaves are singing,
Tufted is the waving grass;
Butterflies, like air flowers, winging.
Where the earth flowers may not pass.
Golden cups, the crowfoot swaying,
Catch the sunshine and the dew;
Balmy zephyrs, gently playing,
Coy and blushing roses woo.
Cool the tents, the elm trees spreading
Forth their grateful leaf shade make;
Witching beams, the bright moon shedding,
All the sleeping fairies wake.”

The Meredith Board of Trade was organized June, 1909, and numbers among its members most of the business and professional men in town. Any who are interested in Meredith are cordially invited to join. The organization is prepared to furnish detailed information concerning real estate, hotel sites, manufacturing opportunities, etc., and invites correspondence. The officers are Sameul A. Burleigh, president; Charles I. Swain, secretary; Fred M. Weeks, treasurer; S.A. Burleigh, C.I. Swain, F.M. Weeks, E.C. Mansfield, C.N. Roberts, G. Pynn, A.S. Clough, D.E. Eaton, executive committee.

"Editor's" Note - Most black and white images came with the booklet. I've added the colored postcard images. Many Thanks to Lakehouse for lending me this brochure to share on the forum. McD

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