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Jonas Pilot
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Default Help NH wildlife.

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I'm just wondering what they plan to do with this information.
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Belmont Resident
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Cool Fish & Game

I wonder how much info they get from residents? I see turkeys around my house and in my travels all the time but I'm not about to take note of where and how many.
Heck for years we've been trying get F&G to do something about all the damage the illegal off road trucks and jeeps are doing to private lands and the snowmobile trails in this area, but they've done nothing.
Maybe if they spent some time in the woods getting some exercise and doing their job they could kill 2 birds with one stone.
Monitor the jeep activity and notice the turkey population.
Sorry JP residents in our neighborhood have a problem with F&G inability to do what equates to their job.
We have been dealing with this for years and the trash loud noise at all hours of the night, that comes with it. We even tell them when and where to look for the vehicles and nothings ever done.
"better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, then a long life spent in a miserable way.."
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Rattlesnake Gal
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Question F & g

Belmont Resident, why wouldn't your problems with the illegal offroading fall tithe local police? I suppose that these jerks are affecting the local wildlife, but it seems more like a job for law enforcement.
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Jonas Pilot (08-04-2012)
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Jonas Pilot
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Some helpful background for turkey observers: The term “brood” refers to a family group of young turkeys accompanied by a hen. New Hampshire hens generally begin laying eggs from mid-April to early May and complete their clutch of about 12 eggs in early to mid-May. Incubation lasts for 28 days, and most nests hatch from late May to mid-June. If incubating turkey eggs are destroyed or consumed by predators, hens often lay a replacement clutch of eggs that hatch late June through late August. The mildest winter in 40+ years, and the earliest spring “green-up” stimulated early turkey breeding and nesting. Most of this year's hatching occurred around the middle of May. An early summer sample of 35 single hen broods from May/June gave a favorable average of 6.7 poults per hen.

New this summer, the survey includes a section intended to help assess public attitudes about wild turkeys in the state. Conducted in cooperation with the University of New Hampshire, data from the Summer Turkey Brood Survey and the 2012 Winter Turkey Flock Survey relating to public attitudes will be compiled and analyzed as part of a Master's of Science project to assess public attitudes and interest in monitoring wild turkeys. It will also provide Fish and Game biologists with information that will enhance their ability to recruit and retain "citizen scientists." The combined use of biological and human dimensions surveys will aid both turkey management and promote public participation in wildlife management overall.

The public attitudes survey is an addendum to the 2012 Summer Turkey Brood survey and is optional. Participants who fill out the public attitudes survey can enter a drawing to win 1 of 2 prints titled “Mother's Work Is Never Done,” which features a turkey hen and her chicks. The numbered and signed prints were graciously donated by New Hampshire wildlife artist Jim Collins, designer of the New Hampshire Conservation License Plate (moose plate) and several migratory waterfowl stamps.

Many thanks to all who have reported hens with young turkeys so far this year! NH Fish and Game appreciates all turkey brood observations reported by volunteers, as the information helps greatly in determining how successful turkey nesting was for the year, and also helps in determining the distribution and abundance of wild turkeys throughout the state.

The reporting period runs until August 31 and results will be posted on the Fish and Game website this fall. To report your turkey brood observations, go to http://www.wildnh.com/turkeybroodsurvey.
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It wasn't that long ago when the turkey population in NH was nearly zero! Thanks to the efforts of the NHFG and NH sportsmen, the wild turkey has made an amazing comeback in the state. Successful management of turkeys is important now more than ever, that is why these requested surveys are so critical. These surveys will help determine length of hunting season, areas of required management and other important aspects to help maintain a healthy turkey flock in the state.

Though not a requirement, we as "sportsmen'' and "sportswomen" are obligated to help when and where we can.

Thanks J.P. for posting this helpful information!

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Jonas Pilot
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Your welcome and well said Dan. It was only back in the 70s that there were no turkeys in New Hampshire. NHF&G traded fisher cats with W. Virginia and then with New York State for some of their excess turkey stock. These recruits were the forefathers that helped repopulate our extirpated turkey population.
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