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Old 07-30-2004, 09:14 AM   #1
On The Edge
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Default 125hp Force HELP!!!

Hi All

I have a 1988 force 125hp outboard engine that seems to be running extremely rich. If I let it idle for more than 2 -3 minutes it seems to fill up.
when I put it into gear I have to go past the idle point to keep it from stalling.
It runs awful all the way up to 1/2 throttle and when I give it full throttle it seems to clean it's self up after a minute or two. I have had all the test done on it compression, spark and timing all come back good. I am order parts to rebuild the carbs to see if this works but I was wondering if anyone has anyother ideas on what I could do to make the Ole girl run right, by the way getting rid of it isn't a option here.

Thanx for your help
On The Edge
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Dave R
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Not an outboard engine expert by any means but I do have quite a bit of experience working on other engines small and large. It sounds like the carb float bowl fuel level is getting too high due to an improperly sealing float valve. At low engine speeds the fuel flow through the leaking float valve exceeds the fuel needs of the engine so it overfills the bowl and the engine runs rich. At higher speeds/greater loads, the fuel needs of the engine surpass the flow of the leak and the fuel level drops to normal. The rebuild kit should have a new valve and seat for the carb (or carbs) and hopefully that'll clear up the problem.
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Old 08-04-2004, 07:11 PM   #3
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You are definitely on the right track. When you do float level adjustment, the float should be parallel to the bowl gasket surface when the carb is held upside down and the weight of the float is on the needle. If you have never done it, I would recommend getting a manual. It will also help when you go to do the link and sink procedure.
If this does not cure your problem. Two other areas that you should consider are a torn fuel pump diaphram or failing fuel recirculation system.
Though, they are less likely to be the culprit.
If you have any problems. Feel free to e-mail me or post again. Good luck.
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