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Default Water filtration system - Reverse Osmosis

We are doing a renovation of our lake home in Alton. We have a dug well, but We currently buy five gallons jugs of drinking water for and use a dispenser “work water cooler” dispenser. We’d like to make life easier and instead get a reverse osmosis filtration system that runs to our fridges water dispenser. Has anyone done that, have you been happy, and who did you use to install or what brand system did you use if you installed yourself? Thanks!
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I self-installed an under sink system from APEC. Purchased on Amazon. We've had it for several years and it's worked great. I would recommend them.
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Put a UV on the incoming line into the house and put and under counter RO at the kitchen sink. Flush 6-8 tankful's through it then get it tested at any local analytical lab to the EPA Drinking Water Standard. You should find the water tests fine for use. You should also add a 10 micron sediment filter on the incoming line as well, something 4 1/2" x 20" will give you the longest time between filter changes.

You can get the gear on Amazon, HD or Lowes - quality does vary but they'll get the job done. If you want a higher end unit do the research online, the info is all out the on the Interweb.

Works like a champ, we're all using them in our neighborhood

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We have a Kinetico RO system from Secondwind Water in Manchester--it's excellent and the service is great. Water quality is equivalent to bottled, at a fraction of the price and a 1/1000 of the work.

One other thing you might do while you're at it--check for arsenic in your water--something like a third of NH homes have it.
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I draw from the lake. I put this system in several years ago.


Two weeks after installing it I had the water tested and they said it was "drinking quality water".

I left the Lowe's small filter in front of the new system. My thought is that it catches the majority of what is coming through before it gets to the Pura system. I watch the Lowe's filter and change it every couple of weeks. I change the other filters and the UV light once a year in the spring.
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I've been looking into water treatment too, a LOT.

I have talked myself out of RO (for now), for a few reasons.
There are two types now of RO systems.

Ones with tanks (historically used and no power needed)
And now tankless, needs power.

The tank systems can build up issues in the tank over time (think bacteria). And a lot of wasted water flushing.

The tankless systems can output bad water for a few minutes if it sits unused very long (couple days?). You'll see tons of complaints on this. I'd probably take my chances with a tank based systems. But I sure like how sleek and slim these new tankless ones are. Pop one in, in 45 minutes under the sink (assuming you have power).

Since RO takes out almost everything you then want to put minerals BACK. Ugh.

There is also pH problems. It's similar to problems with "pure distilled" water and why it's not good to drink distilled water. Your body wants to "balance" with the water you drink. What's missing from the water your body will supply and deprive you of, from drinking it.

See here


So after RO is done, you're not done.

I just ordered this today, for whole house.


But I ordered these filters, my new well water is nearly perfect except for some iron.


If I was using lake water I'd use the same but just add UV.

If it's just under the sink, I really like these systems. I use this in my MA home. But again you probably have to add UV if lake water.


I'm very tempted to get one of these kits for monitoring it. But in OP's case bacteria is probably the biggest risk and that's the trickiest to verify but they do have DIY kits for checking that too. It gets expensive having Pro's do it and all they do is use similar tools.

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