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Default Crash on RT104 last night.

Kathy and I were headed down to Nashua last night around 7pm. I had to get to the Hospital in Manchester pretty early so we figured we would stay at our condo that night. So we were down RT104 by the guns and ammo store in New Hampton. I noticed a Black Ford Ranger pickup go off the right side of the road and then hit a mailbox. It then re-entered the road and crossed into our lane right behind my rear bumper. (My wife was driving BTW.) Just missing us, but side swiping a Utility truck that was right behind us. As I was looking back it then hit a silver Jeep(?) head on. I yelled at my wife to stop and we pulled over. I ran back to the utility truck but the guy was already getting out and seemed OK. I then ra back to the Black pickup and the guy was out cold but breathing really heavily and was all twisted up in the cab. I think he might have had some medical issue before the crash. Not certain of that though. It was nice to see that several people had pulled over and were trying to help the other driver in the Jeep and the guy in the truck. He was bleeding out his nose nd his legs were pretty tangled up under the dash. I made sure to have the keys turned off in the truck and Jeep. The Jeep took quite a hit. It was totaled. I did check on the woman as well and she was pretty shaken up and crying. Luckily I believe her and her young daughter had their belts on. I think if the poor contractor guy had not been side swiped that head on wold have been much worse. So hopefully that is a little consolation for him. His utility truck and therefore his job are affected until he gets a new truck. Anyway....Just be careful out there. Keep your eyes on the road, because you just never know....Talking on the cell phone and texting are BAD! That accident was very close to being me in my brand new little car with only 1500 miles on it. I don;t think I would have survived that head on at 55 mph in a small car. Yikes.
I took a couple pics but only one saved in my phone.
My car is parked just on the other side of the truck in the picture....

If anyone else reading this stopped to help....Thank you very much.

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Yikes scary for sure.
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Thanks for your detailled account of what you and your wife experienced.

Your descriptive wording really paints the image that causes reflection and hopefully helps us slow down and be more aware of how quickly accidents occur and change lives.
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Here is the newspaper article on the accident.

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