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Originally Posted by tummyman View Post
Take some good pictures both from the water as well as land, including lot stakes, etc. Then get them enlarged at Walmart and head down to DES in Concord. These people at DES are very helpful and you need to go meet them in person. See if you can get them to come out when you are present and make an on site inspection as well. The burden of proof should be on the other person....he should have to prove he had the right to have the dock where it is. DES can be helpful with this if you press them for help. You can always try a phone call to your State Senator and ask them to make a call to DES on your behalf for help if you do not get any satisfaction from the Concord visit. Just a thought......
Thanks. Pictures in hand. Just so happens the DES is coming out next ThursdayÖbut itís the wetland bureau for a construction project. Not sure its in their jurisdiction but canít hurt to ask.
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