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Originally Posted by ITD View Post
Ah, less, you shouldn't need a belt to swim. Get some swimmin' lessons boy. It is a good idea to drag a float behind you if you are going any distance though.
If it makes the difference in swimming or not, go for it.

It reminds me of biking. I kind of gave it up long ago.
Until I bought my wife an electric assist bike.
After trying her bike out, and her leaving me in the dust on hills, I got a 2nd one and now ride my bike to work on nice days (until COViD any way).

Normal biking, you hit a steep hill (plenty around the lakes) and it can be not fun any more. And to sweaty to go to work. But with the assist bike I love going biking now. You must pedal. And you can adjust how much assist you want. It’s not as good a workout but it’s better than taking the car. I look forward to the ride there and back every time.

I often go around NewFound lake 16 miles, in the evening after dinner. With a normal bike it’s a brutal 3 hr ride. With some walking up hills sometimes if it’s hot.

No shame in a little assist if it gets you out.
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