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Default Parking in Downtown Laconia

There is an abundance of parking in downtown Laconia. For instance there are the City owned parking lots on Beacon Street East, like lot# 432-15-34 or 45 Beacon Street (City Hall) or the recently purchased (by the City) parking at 50 Church Street. These are all within a short walk down Canal Street or Hanover Street. There is also plenty of on street parking in the area or heaven forbid the greatly underused and unloved Parking Garage (Lot# 442-142-7). All of this parking is provided for use of residents and visitors alike, free of charge through the auspices and benevolence of the City of Laconia. All of the parking I have mentioned is within 1000 feet of the front door of the Colonial Theatre and is Free! Most of the free parking is actually within 600 feet of the Colonial. There is also plenty of on street parking on Beacon Street East and Main Street and don't forget the City owned parking lot on Pleasant Street (Lot# 432-186-5) located right between Pleasant Street and Main Street less than 300 feet from the marquee of the Colonial.
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