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Originally Posted by pondboy View Post
Seriously?? Either you are a Donkey, or you have never been in Downtown Laconia. There is plenty of Parking to support the Colonial Theatre. But you will want to know where you can park your Boat!
While there is no requirement for you to answer the fair question of where is the parking, you do yourself and perhaps the Colonial Theatre a disservice by responding in such a rude and somewhat nonsensical way.

Is it truly a binary choice?

If one inquires about the parking one can either never have been to Downtown Laconia or is a donkey?

The question, which still stands, is "where" is the parking.

You answered, along with providing an unsolicited insult, the question "is there adequate parking"

Would you care to answer where it is located for the benefit of the donkeys and humans who have never visited Downtown Laconia?

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