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Originally Posted by barndoor View Post
I pulled in to the Wolfeboro docks around 7:15 tonight and used the dock directly in front of the gazebo. There were three racing boats lined up on the left and the right side of the dock was empty. I docked in front of the three boats near the gazebo. Three people were enjoying ice cream on the bench next to the gazebo. I was waiting for someone and was looking toward the street when I heard a large bang. Turning I saw a young woman trying to push a 22 ft + or - boat away from a beautiful Chris Craft (C8 or C18). The man driving wasted no time quickly pulling out, turning sharply left at the end of the dock which effectively shielded him from view. Then he fled at a high rate of speed. (At least he didnít hit the 150 ft buoy as he sped by). By the time I pulled out my phone to call marine patrol, he was almost out of the bay. The four of us were unable to identify the boat as it was dark and he was gone so quickly. A flashlight check of the Chris Craft did not reveal any major damage although daylight will likely reveal some damage.
I suspect alcohol was involved it appears that he tried to spin his boat around at the top of the dock and slammed into the Chris Craft. Just disgusting behavior.
WOW, seems hard to believe, then again seeing some of the attitudes of some people at the docks these days I should not be surprised. Lots of super arrogant boaters in big dollar boats. So many are just oozing snarky, its just so different than in the past.

Sad for the Chris Craft owner to have to deal with the repair. I'm sure thats someones pride and joy.
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