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Originally Posted by SAMIAM View Post
Little inside info on lobster rolls.
Price of commercial lobster meat has doubled over last year.
Most restaurants use claw and knuckle meat from producers in Maine and Canada and the price has been around $45 lb this year.
Considering that most lobster rolls have 1/4 lb of meat, roll, fries or chips and paper goods to serve it in costs $14/$15 to the restaurant.
In order to meet average food cost of 35% the price would need to be over $30 but most restaurants, knowing that would upset customers, have chosen to just take the hit to keep people happy.
Had a nice one at Town Docks for $22 and stopped at Mickey's in Enfield last week and the price was $16.95. Barely over cost.
Bottom line is.....if you're getting a lobster roll under $25, it's a good deal.
Or is it lobster?

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