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With 484-acres and 1.5 miles shoreline on deep, clear water Craig Pond in Orland, Maine that looks to be a great spot for a youth summer camp. Maybe Ken Irving, Irving Oil, could sell it to the Paul Newman Hole-in-the-Wall summers camps that owns different camps in different areas of the country.

You know some of the purchase price for their salad dressing and frozen pizza goes to fund the summer camp program. Do they have a summer camp in any of the six New England states.

The existing seasonal 11-room house could remain as as the directors home of the summer camp, and all the ball fields, tennis courts, basketball court, recreation center, dining room, waterfront, horse barn, volleyball court, camper cabins and everything else could get built up, out back of the founder's house.

Sort of a reverse story from the historic Lake Winnipesaukee death and demise of all its summer camps to the Maine birth of a new summer camp with a great waterfront location.
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