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Default yup shelters

I've had two from Shelter Logic, both 12 x 20, they worked well for boats and cars. Great products, great value. Definitely better than just a boat cover or tarp. They each lasted me 10+ years with minor ductape patches on the cover when falling sticks from trees put small punctures in them. The covers are replaceable. Get the heaviest weight cover you can for longer life. The material is pretty durable, I'm still using 20-year-old pieces from the first one to cover the sides of my wood rack.

What matters in snow country is roof shape. The round style and barn style both shed snow pretty well, house style does not so avoid house style. Best for shedding heavy snow is probably the alpine peak roof style model. On the second one I had, the barn style, I added cross pieces under alternate top frames because I did not trust it to hold a heavy wet snow load without something holding the sides together like a proper truss.

To reduce chances of the cover fabric tearing at frame joints where the sharp metal tube edges are, I put ductape over the top of all those joints before putting the cover on. I think it helped, never had any tears at those joints despite stress from heavy now loads and me pulling a roof rake across them repeatedly.

A dark color cover will warm up the sides faster in the winter sun and help the snow slide off.

Taller is better, the dimensions they provide for the height of the door openings are exaggerated, and boat windshield height on trailer can be surprisingly tall. The roll-up door is tends to be lower along the sides, even with a PVC pipe inside. So get a model with at least an extra foot of door height over your highest windshield height.

To deal with the too-long trailer tongue, I just cut a flap in the front roll-up cover and let it stick out.

The metal frame posts sink into the ground over time, reducing your door opening height. Second time I screwed them down to PT 2x4s along the sides so they would float on the ground, helps keep them aligned also.

The plastic gable vents come with little plastic pop-pins to attach the inner and outer frames. The pins will get brittle and break after 6-7 years, causing the vents to fall off. Consider using some good SS screws and nylock nuts instead so you don't have to deal with this later.

If you have a choice, put the door side you will use facing south to the sun. Otherwise you may wait an extra week+ in spring for a big block of ice to melt before you can get it out, which is what tends to happen on the north side (Unless you clear it all winter, taking care not to hit the trailer tongue with the snowblower auger haha)

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