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Originally Posted by Biggd View Post
I agree but the younger customers today are quick to post first instead of confronting the business owner with their complaint.
I had one customer give me a bad review because I changed her oil and forgot to reset her oil reminder light because it wasn't on at the time, not all cars have them. A few weeks later it came up on her dash that she need an oil change. So she wrote a review saying I never changed her oil and ripped her off by charging her for an oil change. All she had to do was call me or come by and I could have reset the light in seconds. An honest mistake didn't mean that I ripped her off.
Also, if one of my employees does something stupid, I'm the owner and it's my job to make it right.
This is a perfect example of the point I was trying to make with my prior post.

I find that people post to social media more often when they have a problem with a single experience or when the restaurant does not suit their (lifestyle)?
JMO, but people tend to post complaints about businesses more often that positive comments.
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