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Originally Posted by Biggd View Post
I have my own business also, auto repair. I find that social media allows people to be influenced more by their immediate mood than they would be in person. Many people, including me, would never say the things to someone's face that they write on a forum. But if you're attacked you tend to respond. Also some subject just bring out the worst in all of us, like politics.
If I have a customer complaint I would much rather have them come back to me and allow me to make it right rather than just ripping me on social media.
It's much easier to walk away from confrontation in person than to walk away from it on your key board.
Twitter, IMO, is the worst social media site for this. Just nasty stuff that I don't think most people would ever say to someone's face.
Your attitude is refreshing, and when I have a concern with a business I'm more than happy to work with them to resolve the issue. I love to see businesses succeed. When a business is constantly trying to improve, they generally succeed and everyone benefits.

Unfortunately, not all business owners share your philosophy. Using auto repair facilities as an example, some shops, especially those that aren't particularly competent or, worse yet, dishonest, don't want to deal with customer concerns. That was my experience with the first auto shop I used after moving to NH. They were really nice when they were selling me tires, batteries, and doing state inspections. When a repair went wrong, however, and I tried to negotiate with the owner the guy unloaded on me.

In my opinion, posting bad reviews for businesses like that provides a valuable service to the community.
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