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Default ...... is totally unacceptable for the City of Kittery, Kittery Community Center, summer camp program to not require a ten year drivers record for driving a 14-passenger mini-bus like this one.

The smashed mini-bus most likely had an automatic transmission and normal hydraulic brakes as opposed to air brakes which make it more easy-to-drive to a larger number of drivers than the typical cdl-pass bus with a manual stick shift and air brakes ...... probably too easy-to-drive ..... so any nit-wit loser can drive it.

Shame, shame, shame ....... on Kittery, Maine!

Looks like Kittery didn't do their home work on this one.

In my humble opinion, the job applicant must pay for their 10-year, driver history record as part of the job application. Probably,
this step would have deterred someone with an unsafe driving history from applying for the job, knowing they would get rejected.

Maine Bureau Motor Vehicles:
10-year record: $12
3-year record: $7

City of Kittery to investigate whether driver who crashed van had background check: (includes 3 internet comments) : a 2018 GM Savana shuttle bus that looks(?) pretty similar, more or less(?) to the smashed up 2010 bus in the Press Herald photo, from what can be seen.
Looking at the smashed up shuttle bus, it seems like it could have been a lot worse, with 13-people on board, in terms of personal injuries; 11-campers, 1-camp counselor, 1-van driver. It says everyone was wearing a seatbelt(?) somewhere above. Wearing seat belts is not required by law for passengers or driver in this mini-bus in New Hampshire, but everyone, passengers and driver are required by law to wear seat belts in the State of Maine. Looking at the smash-up condition, wearing seat belts and the strength/design of the vehicle probably made a huge difference for not getting killed and more injured. incorrect on wearing seat New Hampshire, ages 17 and younger are required to wear seat belts, with a first time offense of $50. So, probably just the counselor and the driver were not required to be wearing seat belts in New Hampshire. Wearing seat belts seems like a no-brainer?
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