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Smallish buses like that usually have seats for 15, including the driver, and no more than 15, because if it can seat 16 then a commercial drivers license w/ passenger endorsement is needed as opposed to a regular car operators license. The minimum age for a cdl-license is 21.

So, it is possible and maybe likely the driver had a regular car license as opposed to a cdl-passenger but this is a good question. Seems like not requiring a cdl-pass for driving a mini-bus w/ 15-seats is a weak link, low safety ceiling in the national safety license design that could require all the 15-seater mini-buses used by schools, camps, municipal and religious organizations and others to be driven by a driver with a cdl-passenger license as opposed to a regular car license.

Buses with seats for 15 have seat belts. The buses with seats for 16 or more in New Hampshire do not have seat belts, except for the cdl-driver who is required to use it.

The WMUR news clip said it was driven by a 21-year old who had a medical event, and went off-road into the trees.

My not so humble opinion: If he had a cdl-passenger license, he would have kept the bus a whole lot more safe like by stopping in the break down lane or something like the side of the road ...... bet you he just has a regular car operator's license .... this single item will probably soon get reported .... just my three cents here!

Requiring the 15-seat mini buses commonly used by schools, camps, municipal and religious organizations and others to be driven by a driver with a cdl-pass endorsement will probably never ever happen ...... is like a loophole on a number of levels that is just not doable?

Kittery, Maine Community Center bus crash with 13 aboard, August 10, 2018, 9:30-am in Greenland, NH on I-95; news clip-1:07 length

No deaths, a few young children injured, one seriously injured?
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