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Originally Posted by webmaster View Post
Like others, I have lots of concerns and questions about this. I'm not an expert but when a ship is built for the ocean it has to pass a series of sea trials to verify its seaworthiness and ability to right itself in severe conditions. Wouldn't this commercial vessel that carries passengers have to have similar testing and certification to carry passengers?

I also have many questions about how the licensing would work as they pass in and out of the towns around the lake, especially if they sold liquor.

Also, the wood construction seems odd. It looks like they are building a condo. Not a ship.

It certainly will be interesting.
There are inspections of every commercial operation and vessel on the lake, every summer, prior to the start of the season. Just like the Mount Washington each "for hire" vessel must pass an inspection that covers a number of issues to insure that it is safe.

Even the jet ski rental rental operators must have all of their jet skis inspected and approved by the Marine Patrol prior to renting them out.

When you think of all of the rental boats and jet skis on the lake it takes a substantial amount of time for the Marine Patrol to visit and inspect each one. And that is before all of the summer help arrives.
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