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The answer is in the math.... but I would not be too worried about how seaworthy the Dive will be.... There are lots calcs to be made for sure, all of them involving the CG of the barge. No occupancy permits will be issued if the Coasties & MP don't sign off....

My guess is, the barge is/will be properly ballasted for a worse case scenario. IMHO that would be max capacity of people all rushing to one side. In other words a complete load shift/failure. Ballasted properly... nothing bad will happen.

Wind & waves are probably no issue either.... certainly, waves will have 0 effect on a properly ballasted barge on Winni. The wind will be an issue for the tugboat (for lack of a better term) that has to push/maneuver the barge around. But if they go early morning before the wind picks up and and come back after sunset when the wind dies down, I doubt they will have an issue.

Cheers to them for trying something new!

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