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Originally Posted by Dave R View Post
The segue was obvious to me: Floating restaurant begets hiking complaint, hiking complaint begets illegal immigration rant. Obvious, no?

Anyway, my thoughts:

I doubt someone would go to the trouble of building this if they were unable to get permits to use it as intended.

It's not my scene, but I think it's pretty neat and I hope it's successful. It's a clever way to open a boat-to restaurant without needing to buy expensive real estate. For those that are concerned about the environmental impact should consider how this thing will NOT require more than a dock's width of waterfront property and won't require a paved parking lot right next to the lake.

Draft will be extremely shallow. There's just not that much mass:surface area there and it likely has an utterly flat hull.

It will blend nicely with the uglier homes on the lake, not so much the boats, but it will look better than some of them.

I don't think the post anchors will exclude it from overnight mooring laws and I'd be willing to bet it will return to a dock or mooring every night. Considering where it's being built and the slow cruising speed, I suspect it will typically be a short trip...
It's a long way from Alton (if that is were they are mooring in the evenings) to Braun Bay (where is suppose it will do a majority of its business). Do you think this hull design can handle that trip especially of busy weekends when there is a lot of boat traffic and wakes to handle?
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