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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
Your suggestion that the reason hiking trails are overcrowded because of illegal immigration is absurd and xenophobic.

I also take great offense to your repeated use of the "denial" line--there are few things worse than unoriginality and repetition.

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It is IMPOSSIBLE for me (or anyone for that matter), to be xenophobic because I/we do not support ILLEGAL immigration. That doesn't even make sense when we are referring to the laws of the land, it is just your way of (falsely) trying to "label" someone as a terrible person because you don't agree with them on something, and that is just wrong and says a lot about your credibility. It is a matter of breaking the law. We are a nation of laws and they MUST be obeyed or changed, NOT IGNORED. Based on your rationale, am I xenophobic because I am against rape and murder too?? Sounds pretty ridiculous, huh? I have no problem with anyone from anywhere coming into this country (LEGALLY) that wants to assimilate to the American dream and way of life!! IS THAT XENOPHOBIC??? The only thing worse than being unoriginal and repetitive is trying to be pretentious. If that offends you, I suggest a coloring book to help you get over it. Not trying to hijack this thread, I am all for the Dive, and wish it success even though it's not my "cup of tea". I am all for capitalism. Live, and let live. (Ooops, I repeated myself.) If I see it during my travels, I will definitely check it out if it's not to crowded, if for no other reason than to just be able to say I was on it. Maybe we will start seeing bumper stickers out there that say "I did the Dive", or "Do the Dive", or something to that effect that only knowledgeable Winnipesaukee boaters will recognize...!!

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