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Originally Posted by gravy boat View Post
Yes, it was a party barge. Good idea but the person who built it didn't understand or research the potential challenges - permitting, inspections, liquor license, where to park it during off-hours, etc. At first he wanted to dock it at the Weirs like the old Aishling from Patrick's did but I recall the Weirs Action Committee and City put an end to that option pretty fast.

I think it only lasted a few summers before languishing in the cove on Stonedam and then being taken apart. But the first summer or two seemed busy for it.

Was quite the sight, too - not something we are used to seeing.

One of the partners, Jamie, has a credible background according to his bio. He worked in marine construction and also managed a bar. Hopefully he will have done his research.

The branding does feel more Monte Carlo than Winnipesaukee. But perhaps it's one of those things, once it's been there for awhile it feels like it's always been there.
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