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I go boating because I love being on my boat, on the water, driving around, exploring the lake, not inside a bar or restaurant. I have a car for that. I can go to a bar or restaurant ANYTIME, but I can't go boating anytime. Unfortunately for me, the only boating I can do is on weekends, so I bring my own food and drinks, and eat on the boat which I enjoy. The last thing I want to do is fight for a slip in (name your town), and go INSIDE on a bright, beautiful, sunshiny day and pay 8.50 for a diet coke. No thanks. If I was fortunate enough to be able to go boating during the week when the lake is quiet, I would much rather take the boat (instead of the car), and go out to eat somewhere on the lake and pay the 8.50 for that diet coke!!! Somewhat of a hypocrite, I'm just not into fighting the crowd on wkends...
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