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Originally Posted by upthesaukee View Post
I had to go to Laconia yesterday, and as I passed the end of the Laconia Bypass near Lily Pond, I looked over at the trail entrance of the side of the entrance to the bypass, and saw the double gates closed, trail closed. Just west of the bypass, there is a single gate that was closed as well.
Just to the right of that closed gate is a space between trees, and a snowmobile(s) circumvented the gate and went through the open space to get on the closed trail. Probably only a few at most entering this closed trail.
Doesn't matter how many, just that the actions of a few could result in yet another trail being closed. If memory serves me right, I think there is a maple syrup gathering network on that hill.
Last update on Belknap Snowmobilers FB page on 2-22 says all trails closed.
I hope this does not end up being a problem for the club.


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I'll be optimistic and hope that the gates were only closed because the club felt the season was over at the time (late February). If so, I hope the sledders remained on the "closed" trail. I'm not familiar with riding in that area or how proactive the club is. Not that I've done it, or am an advocate of it, but these guys pay a registration to ride trails and in the Lakes region we only have so many opportunities to ride locally. Given the recent snow falls, there should be adequate coverage. With that said, if these are truly closed trails, whether closed permanently or for the season (due to maple syrup, etc.), then I agree it would be an unfortunate circumstance.

What I can say is that Moultonboro is great. John H. does a good job updating folks when gates are opened, closed, reopened, groomed, etc. What I'm trying to say is be optimistic. Everyone is so quick to jump to the negative conclusions all too frequently without all the facts.
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