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Originally Posted by Flylady View Post
Gary, as in your case I also am west coast/ east coast customer. I had two separate accounts with spectrum as a result of mergers. I disconnected my NH seasonal account last fall after a very bad experience with Spetrum. Figured I would look into other options during the winter. One option is I can stream Spectrum via ruku to my NH property with only getting internet. The problem with that option is I would be getting my west coast program line up and no local channels. So not really a good option.
Yesterday while watching LII You Tube advertised "you Tube TV". I checked it out last night and they provide this through major cities. Boston is on the list. So I am looking into if I can pick up the Boston You Tube in the Lakes Region. If so that may be a more affordable option. $35.00 a month. No contract. If anyone has first hand experience with this I would love to hear how it is working.
Another problem with the west coast feed is the 3 hr. time difference. If somehow it would allow sporting events 3 hrs. earlier, that would be great!!! I'll look into the youtube TV thing...Thanks again!
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