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You know this piling or post is probably a big, 20-25' long, soft wood, pine tree which got pounded into the lake bottom by a pile driver rig with a crane lowering a big heavy weight upon it. Much like sharpening a pencil, the narrow end of the piling gets sharpened to a point by a chain saw before being pounded into the lake bottom.

The piling gets pounded into the lake bottom for maybe six feet ..... so what could make the lake bottom lose its six foot long grip on the piling ..... to allow it to float straight up while being held in position by the surface ice?

Isn't it likely that some of the piling is still stuck into the lake bottom otherwise it would either be a leaner or have toppled over. So, it seems to me, that it is being held by both the ice surface, and the lake bottom. Something caused it to float upward but not enough to be totally out of the lake bottom.

So, vas ist das something?
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