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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post, how's about some side comments coming back on my reasons here ..... truly the greatest and most well thought out, deep freeze, cold effects deductive reasoning ever, ever, ever made ........ so's what do you think-um ...... am I correct or what?

....... of course, I am!
If you can answer this easy physics question than I'll agree that you are the "greatest" thinker known to mankind:

A block of hardwood is floating easily on the surface of a lake. As a storm approaches, the density and pressure of the air above the lake begin to decrease. As a result of this decrease in air pressure and density, the block of wood

(A) moves upward slightly and floats higher in the water.

(B) continues to float just as it did before.

(C) moves downward slightly and floats lower in the water.

(D) sinks to the bottom of the lake.
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