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Question What?

Originally Posted by SIKSUKR View Post
Yup, kind of like those old planes you love so much landing right off the lake. Its only important to you when it serves your agenda.
Landings are quiet. But noise and speed are important regardless of whatever portion of the country they occur.

If you listen to radio, have conversations, or use a telephone at the lake, excessive noise is an undeniably anti-social intrusion.

Sure, acceleration is a factor, but where there are hills, there is going to be excessive noise. Stand alongside Wolfeboro's North Main Street some time, and try to tell me that a 4-stroke Harley is quiet going uphill.

I've pointed out my family moved to the Airpark—I was only 12, and had no "say". As it turned out, we were insulated from takeoff noise by a long, tall, hillside—and seldom heard landings. Perhaps, however, only on windless days—and only then—a landing consisted of a "chirp" of tires.

My poor neighbors near Thomas Point have had the worst noise from floatplane takeoffs, as high-drag "supersonic propeller-tip speed" blasted their ears. Wolfeboro property turnovers near Thomas Point are frequent. (A problem with buying "off-season").

Ironically, the Airpark's designated "lake landing strips" have become useless, as the increase in tubing—along with ever-increasing boat wakes—has turned floatplanes away.

My personal dislikes:

• Noisy sleds on Winnipesaukee ice.

• All floatplanes but Cessna 190 and one 130-HP Luscombe.

The Luscombe has the shortest takeoff run I've ever seen, and climbs to an impressive altitude immediately. Because free rides were given to Scouts, what little noise there was, could be overlooked.

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