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Originally Posted by PeterG View Post
Not "totally unrelated" at all. Trails are closing because a small number of sledders have no regard for their neighbors' wishes.

On the lake in the summer, there are a minority of boaters with a similar disregard for others. The big difference is that in the winter, the offended landowners have an easy solution. In the summer, it's much tougher for those offended, but ApS's response impulse is the same as the landowners closing their trails.
I will respectfully disagree. I’ve served on all board positions of my club, including club president. I’ve also served on several board positions including Vice President of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association. Been a groomer operator for well over a decade. Sadly, I have too many first person dealings with trail closures within my club (OVSC) and at the State level while with the NHSA.

NEVER once was a trail closed due to speeding sleds. The most frequent reason is due to off trail riders. Loud (illegal exhaust) sleds followed closely by littering and property damage are a close second. And following up close behind is trail/property damage done by ATVs and trucks/ mud bloggers any time of the year, but particularly off season.

‘Nough said......
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